About Offroad Top Speed

Offroad Top Speed is the #1 destination for offroad enthusiasts seeking expert reviews, in-depth performance data, and comparisons on ATVs, UTVs, dirt bikes, trail bikes, and more.

Our Founding

Founded in 2023 by lifelong powersports pro Daniel Taylor, Offroad Top Speed was created to fill a void in the offroad space – a dedicated site focused solely on real-world speed and performance specs. After two decades testing vehicles, founding multiple publications, and connecting with riders and engineers across the offroad community, Daniel assembled our independent team of specialist reviewers.

What Makes Us Different

We take vehicle testing to the extreme with:

  • Rigorous on and off-trail testing procedures across diverse terrain
  • Professional instrumented testing using precise tools and dynos
  • Data-driven analysis while still emphasizing rideability and fun
  • No outside advertising or sponsors influencing opinions
  • A dedicated team that lives and breathes all things offroad

We’re obsessed with accuracy and technical details so you get the complete picture on speed, power, capability and performance.

Our Review Standards

We evaluate critical categories on every vehicle tested including:

  • Speed & Acceleration: 0-60 mph, 1/4 mile, top speed, pace on trails
  • Power & Delivery: HP/torque curves, dyno tested, modifiable?
  • Handling & Control: Turning, air time, climbs, responsiveness
  • Braking: Stopping distance, feel, fade?
  • Suspension & Comfort: Landing jumps, bumps, adjustable?
  • Ergonomics: Layout, access, roominess
  • Extras: Technology, safety, customization options

Meet the Offroad Top Speed Team

Daniel Taylor,

Daniel has over 20 years of offroading experience testing vehicles, competing in events, and connecting with the community. He oversees reviews to ensure our data is obsessively accurate before publishing. Daniel enjoys coaching youth sports and volunteering at charity offroad races when he’s not reviewing the latest models.

Amanda Lewis,

Holding degrees in physics and automotive tech, Amanda analyzes complex mechanical data and translates it into engaging, easy-to-understand reviews. She has 15 years of experience testing and writing about offroad vehicles of all types. Amanda provides insights you won’t find in spec sheets.

Jennifer Smith,

Jennifer studied mechanical engineering at MIT and has tested ATVs, UTVs, dirt bikes for over 10 years. She carefully evaluates the technical aspects like power delivery, suspension damping, gear ratios and electronics. Jennifer also examines real-world rideability, ergonomics and fun.

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