Careers at Offroad Top Speed

Thanks for your interest in joining the Offroad Top Speed team! We are always looking for experienced, passionate offroading enthusiasts to help test vehicles, create compelling content, and expand our community.

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Open Positions

We are seeking talented individuals to fill the following roles:

Test Riders

Our test riders thoroughly evaluate the latest ATV, UTV, dirt bike and other offroad vehicle models by top brands. If you have experience riding and a depth of mechanical knowledge, this could be a great fit.


  • Test ride offroad vehicles on trails, tracks, hills and all terrain types
  • Collect data like 0-60 times, top speed, lap times, suspension performance
  • Assess power delivery, handling, braking, comfort and more
  • Capture photos/videos and take detailed technical notes


We need motocross and offroad writers who can transform complex mechanical data and test ride experiences into engaging, informative reviews.


  • Conduct research on vehicles and synthesize technical spec info
  • Interview test riders to incorporate insights from riding impressions
  • Write and edit reviews, comparisons, buying guides and other articles
  • Optimize content for SEO and engage our community online


We are seeking videographers to capture high-quality footage of offroad vehicles in action on different terrain. drone, slo-mo, and other creative shots are a plus.


  • Film test rides and record riders operating vehicles
  • Get action footage showing speed, jumping, climbing etc.
  • Shoot videos to demonstrate vehicle capabilities
  • Edit clips to produce compelling video content

Why Join Our Team?

At Offroad Top Speed, you’ll enjoy:

  • Immersing yourself in the exciting world of offroading
  • Learning about cutting-edge vehicles and technology
  • Collaborating with fellow enthusiasts
  • Fast-paced, dynamic work environment
  • Competitive pay based on your experience and expertise
  • Opportunities to travel and experience new trails

Think you have what it takes? Email [email protected] and tell us about your skills and interest in joining the crew!