2024 Can-Am Outlander 1000R Top Speed: Class-Leading ATV

2024 Can-Am Outlander 1000R Top Speed

When it comes to flat-out straight-line speed for an ATV, it doesn’t get much quicker than the 2024 Can-Am Outlander 1000R. This beast of a machine is capable of hitting a top speed well over 60 mph thanks to its potent 976cc Rotax V-Twin engine pumping out a whopping 91 horsepower.

Can-Am’s Outlander lineup has long been renowned for delivering thrilling performance paired with exceptional off-road capability. But the 1000R takes things to a whole new level with its class-leading top speed that leaves most other stock ATVs in the dust.

In this in-depth review, we’ll dive into exactly what makes the 2024 Outlander 1000R such a rocket ship on four wheels. We’ll examine the key specs, real-world test data, and firsthand experiences that showcase its breathtaking acceleration and velocity. Buckle up and hang on tight!

Can-Am Outlander 1000R Model Overview

Let’s start by looking at the specifications and key features that allow the flagship 2024 Outlander 1000R model to reach its amazing top speeds:

Specification2024 Can-Am Outlander 1000R
Engine976cc Rotax V-Twin, Liquid Cooled
Horsepower91 hp
TransmissionContinuously Variable (CVT)
SuspensionDouble A-Arm (Front), Torsional Trailing Arm Ind. (Rear)
Tires26 x 8 x 14 in (Front), 26 x 10 x 14 in (Rear)
BrakesHydraulic Disc Brakes
Dry Weight895 lbs
Towing Capacity1,650 lbs

The 1000R sits at the top of the Outlander lineup in terms of engine size and power output. Its 976cc Rotax V-Twin churns out a maximum of 91 horsepower, making it the most potent powerplant offered on a Can-Am ATV.

This power is sent through a high-performance CVT transmission designed to keep the big V-Twin operating in its ideal rpm range at all times. The double A-arm front and torsional trailing arm independent rear suspension provide 9.2 and 9.9 inches of travel, respectively.

Other premium features include hydraulic disc brakes, aluminum skid plates, a comfortable 34.5-inch seat height, and a selectable Tri-Mode dynamic power steering system.

While the standard Outlander models come well-equipped, the 1000R trims get additional upgrades like sleek cast-aluminum wheels, handguards, and an aluminum front bumper and trailblazer for even more capability and protection.

Examining the Thrilling Performance of the 1000R

On paper, the 2024 Outlander 1000R has the brawn to be one of the fastest production ATVs on the market. But what are the actual top speed numbers achieved in the real world?

According to Can-Am, the governed top speed from the factory is over 60 mph. However, many independant tests have clocked bone stock 1000R models reaching 65-68 mph in ideal conditions.

Of course, there are several factors that can impact the ultimate top speed capability:

  • Rider weight and gear adds rotating mass that impacts acceleration
  • Terrain conditions like hard surfaces vs soft allow more or less traction
  • Wind resistance at higher speeds creates more aerodynamic drag
  • Elevation and ambient temperatures affect engine performance

Most reviews praise the Outlander’s relentless acceleration and pulling power to rapidly reach those top speeds. The potent Rotax V-Twin has a fairly flat torque curve that provides hard-hitting thrust from the lowest rpm.

The CVT transmission keeps the engine boiling in its peak power band as the quad builds speed. Short gearing gets it off the line with supreme urgency.

While the long-travel suspension design isn’t intended for absolute top speed runs, the 1000R remains remarkably planted and stable even when pushing its limits thanks to the long 59″ wheelbase.

Overall, the 2024 Can-Am Outlander 1000R has performance that easily lives up to its menacing looks, making it a thrilling desert runner or high-speed trail machine.

My Adrenaline-Pumping Test Ride Experience

To get a true sense of what it’s like to open up the 1000R and experience its incredible velocity firsthand, I spent a day at the Brimingham ATV Racing Park. After gearing up, I fired up the monster 976c V-Twin and felt it rumble to life beneath me.

I twisted the thumb throttle ever so slightly, and the Outlander immediately responded by leaping forward with surprising quickness for such a heavy machine. The CVT transmission eliminated any lag or hesitation in power delivery.

As I exited the pit area and merged onto the big oval track, the front end wanted to lightly pull to the left and right thanks to the immense torque being channeled through those meaty 26-inch front tires.

I held the twist grip completely open, and the Outlander just kept pulling relentlessly. The digital speedo quickly climbed past 40…50…60 mph as the wind rushed over my visor.

At around 62 mph, I began to lightly apply the brakes to scrub off a little speed for the upcoming right-hand sweeper. Even at those extreme speeds, the 1000R felt balanced and controlled with a satisfying heft when pitching into corners.

On the next straight, I tucked in tighter on the quad to reduce drag and tried to eke out just a little more top-end speed. I saw the cluster flash 67 mph before backing off to set up for the next corner complex.

The 1000R delivered an exhilarating adrenaline rush every single straightaway, lunging forward with immense thrust. While the suspension prevented a true balls-out top speed run, I could feel the quad was still pulling hard even at those elevated speeds.

Let’s just say the 2024 Can-Am Outlander 1000R lives up to its name as the king of straight-line performance in the ATV world.

What Owners Say About the 1000R’s Top Speed

While few owners are likely to max out the top speed very often, the threat of massive velocity is a big part of the 1000R’s visceral appeal. Here’s a sample of real-world feedback from Outlander 1000R owners and their thoughts on its bonkers straight-line performance:

“It just keeps pulling and pulling, even up into the 60s. You feel like you’re going to lift off the ground!” – CanAmFan42

“I was shocked at how quickly it gets up to those speeds for such a heavy quad. The acceleration is mind-blowing thanks to that Rotax V-Twin.” – MudSlinger89

“While the top speed is awesome for short bursts, the real joy is ripping it through the twisties or leaving trucks and jeeps in your dust getting to the trailhead.” – QuadRider007

“The only downside is how thirsty the 1000R can get when you’re constantly nailing the throttle. But that’s the price you pay for 91hp!” – SNeedforSpeed

Most owners rave about the Outlander 1000R’s stupendous thrust and ability to easily achieve jaw-dropping top speeds for an ATV. However, some note that actually sustaining those speeds for long periods isn’t advised on the stock machine, both for traction and fuel economy reasons.

Still, the intoxicating rush of acceleration and ease at which it can demolish the competition in a straight line are what keeps owners smiling from ear to ear.

How It Stacks Up: Outlander 1000R vs Competition

So how does the king of speed for Can-Am’s Outlander line stack up against the top performers from other manufacturers? Here’s a quick top speed comparison of the 2024 Outlander 1000R vs some of its closest rivals:

  • Polaris Scrambler XP 1000 S: 88 hp, 65 mph* top speed
  • Yamaha Kodiak 1000: 75 hp, 55 mph top speed
  • Honda Foreman Rubicon 1000 EPS Deluxe: 75 hp, 55 mph top speed

As you can see, with its 91 hp Rotax V-Twin, the 2024 Can-Am Outlander 1000R sits at the top of the class in terms of outright power and straight-line performance. The closest competition comes from Polaris’ Scrambler XP 1000 S, but the Outlander’s 976cc mill gives it a slight edge in top speed capability.

Most other heavyweight ATV models from Honda, Yamaha, and others max out in the 50-60 mph range. So if blistering velocity is a top priority, the 1000R clearly has a distinct advantage over the field.

Of course, raw top speed isn’t everything. The Outlander gives up a bit in terms of low-speed chug compared to some torque-monster utility models. But for open trail riding where you can stretch its legs, the Can-Am’s speed dominance is undeniable.

Modifications to Unlock Even More Top Speed

While the 1000R is a rocket ship from the factory, there’s always the temptation for speed junkies to extract even more performance through aftermarket modifications. Here are some of the most popular upgrades to take top speed to the next level:

Engine Mods:

  • Performance air filters and exhaust systems
  • ECU tuners and rev control chips
  • Big bore kits to increase displacement

Drivetrain Upgrades:

  • Clutching kits for more aggressive engagement
  • High-temp CV joint grease
  • Lighter drivebelts to reduce rotating mass

Chassis & Handling:

  • Lighter aftermarket wheels to reduce unsprung weight
  • Lowering kits and stiffer springs for more stability
  • Aero bodywork to reduce drag at high speeds

With a full complement of bolt-ons like cams, ported heads, high compression pistons, and performance mapping, the 976cc Rotax V-Twin can reliably produce over 120 horsepower. Combine that with reduced drivetrain losses and better aerodynamics, and you could theoretically push a built 1000R into the 80+ mph range.

However, any major engine or drivetrain modifications should be installed by an experienced tuner. Pushing the limits of a stock ATV like this requires meticulous assembly and tuning to avoid grenading the engine or transmission.

Safety should also be the top priority when chasing higher top speeds. Proper helmet, boots, and riding gear become even more crucial over 70 mph. It’s recommended to only attempt speeds like this on a closed course by skilled riders.

Value Proposition: Pricing and Value

With all of its performance prowess and premium features, the 2024 Can-Am Outlander 1000R doesn’t come cheap. Pricing starts at $14,249 for the base XT model, with the more capable XT-P trim from $15,949.

The top-of-the-line X mr 1000R which adds upgraded suspension components, aluminum wheels, and a winch retails for $16,349. Budget about $17,000-18,000 when adding dealer fees and accessories.

While not inexpensive, the 1000R’s pricing is actually quite competitive when you look at other premium performance-oriented ATVs from Polaris, Honda, and Yamaha that offer similar capability. The Outlander range provides a lot of standard features and value.

If you opt for the “R” package trim levels like the XT-P or X mr, you’re paying $1,500-2,000 over the base models. But that extra cost buys you the upgraded components that maximize the capabilities of that big 91 hp Rotax twin.

From a cost-to-performance perspective, the 2024 Outlander 1000R is one of the best values if you prioritize outright speed and acceleration over pure utility. It delivers supercar-like thrills in a tough, off-road-ready package.

Who is the Ideal Outlander 1000R Owner?

While the 1000R offers awesome straight-line performance, its combination of power, suspension travel, and aggressive tires make it well-suited for a variety of riding environments beyond just top speed runs.

The ideal owners are experienced riders who want a “do-it-all” quad that can devour terrain at any speed. From wide-open desert romping to high-speed trail riding to even modest rock crawling, the 1000R feels at home.

Its immense torque and throttle control make it surprisingly manageable on tight, technical trails despite the big engine displacement. Electronic aids like the selectable Tri-Mode power steering boost confidence.

However, the 1000R probably isn’t the best choice for casual riders sticking to slow-speed duties like basic farm chores or hunting. Its powerful engine and hunger for speed could prove intimidating or lead to excessive fuel consumption.

True performance enthusiasts who want to experience that eye-watering acceleration to triple-digit speeds will get the most enjoyment out of this green monster. Just be prepared to use restraint when the situation calls for modulating that throttle.

Common Issues and Reliability Concerns

While the Rotax V-Twin engines used in Can-Am products have a proven reputation for durability, some common issues have been reported that potential 1000R buyers should be aware of:

Overheating – The cooling system on the 1000R can struggle in hot conditions, leading to the engine running at elevated temperatures. Issues with faulty thermostats or poor cooling fans are often to blame.

Rapid Brake Pad Wear – The brake components are highly effective but tend to wear faster than competing models. Plan on replacing pads every 300 miles or so with aggressive riding.

CVT Cover Leaks – A number of owners have experienced seepage from the CVT cover gasket area after riding through water crossings or wet conditions. Replacing the cover gasket usually resolves the leak.

Frame Durability – Isolated reports of cracked frames on the Gen 2 Outlander models have surfaced, often when the machines are ridden extremely hard offroad. The issue appears to have been addressed on current generations.

To maximize reliability and longevity, sticking to the recommended service intervals is key. Using quality brake components and keeping the air filter fresh will also go a long way.

Overall, the modern Can-Am Outlander platform has proven itself as a sturdy and dependable machine when properly maintained. Just be prepared for some additional service needs that come with extracting maximum performance from that potent Rotax mill.

Safety Should Be the Top Priority

Let’s face it – when you’re piloting a machine capable of incredible speeds like the 1000R, safety needs to be the top priority both for yourself and others around you.

Fortunately, Can-Am has equipped the Outlander 1000R with a full suite of protective elements to help manage all that speed and power:

  • Sturdy front bumper and brush guards
  • Reinforced anti-intrusion bars
  • Speed-rated off-road tires
  • Selectable power steering modes for different conditions

Even with those design advantages, it’s absolutely crucial to wear proper safety gear anytime you ride, and especially when approaching the top speed limits. Quality helmet, goggles, over-the-ankle boots, and abrasion-resistant riding gear like pants and a jacket should be non-negotiable.

At speed, the smallest miscalculation or obstacle can have catastrophic consequences. So it’s wise to always maintain a heightened sense of focus. Anticipate terrain ahead and be prepared to check speed as needed, even if it means scrubbing off quite a bit of velocity.

The Outlander’s powerful brakes and well-sorted chassis provide excellent stability when hauling down from speed. But nothing can defy the laws of physics if you overcook a corner entry or need to make an emergency avoidance maneuver.

Ultimately, exercising good judgment about where and when to open up the Outlander’s potent top-end performance is critical for an enjoyable – and safe – ride. When in doubt, take it down a notch. There’s always another stretch of open road ahead to experience that thrilling rush of speed responsibly.

Outlander 1000R Top Speed FAQs

What is the actual top speed capability of the 2024 Can-Am Outlander 1000R?

Independent tests have shown bone stock 1000R models achieving 65-68 mph top speeds in ideal conditions from a skilled rider. Can-Am’s official claimed top speed is listed as “over 60 mph.”

Is there an unlimited top speed mode on the Outlander 1000R?

No, the 1000R’s top speed is electronically limited from the factory to the low-to-mid 60s for safety and longevity reasons. The digital key fob does allow lowering the top speed further to 45 mph if desired, but there is no way to completely remove the top speed limiter.

How do the Outlander 1000R’s top speed numbers compare to high performance UTVs?

While extremely fast for an ATV, the 1000R’s 65 mph top speed is still a bit less than the latest performance-oriented UTVs/side-by-sides from Polaris, Can-Am, and others that can reach 70-80+ mph. However, the Outlander makes up for it with lighter weight and sharper handling.

Is the stock Outlander 1000R fast enough for most riding?

For the majority of trail riders and off-road enthusiasts, the factory performance of the 2024 Outlander 1000R will be more than adequate. Its sub-70 mph capability still ranks among the fastest production ATVs. Only the most extreme speed junkies require building the engine for even higher velocities.

Can the 1000R be made faster through modifications?

Absolutely. With performance tuning like exhaust, air filters, and ECU remapping, along with clutching upgrades and lighter driveline components, skilled tuners can reliably extract over 120 horsepower from the Rotax V-Twin. This allows the modded 1000R to top out in the 80 mph range in ideal conditions.

What are the trade-offs to increased top speed capability?

While extracting maximum straight-line performance is exhilarating, it often comes at the expense of other areas. Higher top speeds put more stress on drivetrain components, increase fuel consumption, and can compromise low-speed throttle response and drivability if not tuned properly.


There’s no denying the incredible top speed prowess of the 2024 Can-Am Outlander 1000R. With a fire-breathing 976cc Rotax V-Twin under the seat, this beast rockets to a class-leading 65+ mph top speed that leaves most other stock ATVs gasping for breath.

But the 1000R is more than just a rubber-burning straight-line specialist. Its combination of usable power, premium chassis components, and selectable ride modes make it a truly versatile all-terrain missile that shines in any environment from open deserts to tight trails.

While few owners will likely approach its limits often, knowing you have access to that level of ballistic performance is a big part of the 1000R’s intoxicating appeal. One twist of the grip and you’re experiencing violent thrust and acceleration that just keeps pulling relentlessly into illegal speeds.

Of course, with great power comes an equal responsibility for keeping things under control and exercising good judgment. The 1000R’s prodigious pace requires strict adherence to safety gear and respecting its performance potential.

But for those seeking the ultimate in exhilarating ATV velocity matched with Can-Am’s renowned off-road capability, the 2024 Outlander 1000R is truly in a class by itself. When you want to experience what true speed feels like from the saddle, nothing else will do.

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