can am ryker 600 top speed: Can Reach Over 100 MPH? Tested!

can am ryker 600 top speed

The new Can-Am Ryker has been turning heads since its debut – the sporty, aggressively-styled three-wheeler looks like it’s doing 100 standing still. Powered by a Rotax 600cc inline 2-cylinder engine putting out 50 hp and 37.3 kW of power, the Ryker 600 has plenty of grunt for quick acceleration and highway cruising. But can you fully tap into the engine’s 101.5 mph top speed?

In this detailed deep dive, we’ll break down exactly what it takes to transform the 600cc Ryker into a backroad thrill machine, including:

  • Real world top speed testing of a stock Ryker 600, which is electronically limited to 101.5 mph
  • Electronic, gearing, weight reduction, and wheel upgrades to try to exceed the restricted 101.5 mph top speed
  • Max velocity comparison versus 900cc Ryker and Can-Am Spyder models
  • Best practices for high speed stability and control at velocities approaching 101.5 mph

Let’s analyze how the Rotax engine, CVT transmission, wheel and tire size, aerodynamics, and overall weight impact top end acceleration to find out what the realistic velocity potential is for the 600cc Ryker with its factory-set 101.5 mph top speed limit.

Can-Am Ryker 600 Specs:

Spec600cc Model
Engine600 cc in-line 2-cylinder Rotax engine
Displacement600 cc
Maximum HP RPM7,300 RPM
Power50 HP
Power (kW)37.3 kW
Torque36.7 ft-lb @ 6000 RPM
Bore x Stroke2.91 x 2.74 in
Compression Ratio12:1
TransmissionAutomatic CVT
Top Speed101.5 mph (limited)
0-60 mph5 seconds
WheelsFront: MC 145/60 R16 66T12
Rear: MC 205/45 R16 77T
BrakesFront brakes: 270 mm discs with Nissin 2-piston floating calipers
Rear brake: 220 mm disc with 1-piston floating caliper
Dry Weight594 lb
Seat Height23.6 inches
Fuel Capacity5.28 gallons
SafetyVehicle Stability System, ABS, Traction Control

What is the Real-World Top Speed of a Stock Ryker 600?

what is the real-world top speed of a stock ryker 600

Owners report that a completely stock Ryker 600 with 16″ wheels will reliably hit between 95-100 mph on flat ground in ideal conditions. This makes sense given the modest 50 horsepower engine output trying to motivate 594 lbs of machine and rider.

The electronically limited top speed from the factory is 101.5 mph based on the specs you provided. Past that point, the engine hits a limiter that abruptly cuts power, preventing you from continuing to accelerate.

So in stock form, exceeding 101.5 mph will be difficult unless you encounter a long, sweeping downhill section of pavement. And holding those triple digit speeds for any length of time is unrealistic without some modification.

What Factors Determine the Can-Am Ryker 600’s Top Speed?

The maximum velocity a Ryker 600 can reach depends on these key areas:

  • Engine power – Rotax 600 makes 50 hp stock. More ponies = higher top speed potential.
  • Gearing – Final drive ratio balances acceleration vs max speed.
  • Weight – Curb weight 594 lbs wet. Lightness crucial for power-to-weight ratio.
  • Aerodynamics – Shape and rider positioning impacts air resistance and stability.
  • Wheel/Tire Size – 16” wheels front and rear stock.

In stock form, the 50 horsepower engine and 594 lb curb weight limit how quickly the Ryker can accelerate and what speed it can reasonably sustain up to its 101.5 mph limited top speed. Short 1st & 2nd gears deliver excellent acceleration, but taller gearing would be needed to try to exceed the restricted 101.5 mph maximum velocity.

Gearing Changes to Push a Ryker 600 Over 100 MPH

gearing changes to push a ryker 600 over 100 mph

What is the impact of gearing on top speed?

The Can-Am Ryker utilizes a CVT automatic transmission rather than a manual gearbox. This means there are no fixed gear ratios to swap out.

But the final drive sprocket size can be changed to try to adjust overall gearing above the 101.5 mph limited top speed. A smaller rear sprocket effectively shortens the gear ratio for quicker acceleration, while a larger rear sprocket has the opposite impact – lowering RPMs at a given road speed to attempt to surpass 101.5 mph.

Will Weight Reduction Help The 600 Hit Past 101.5 MPH?

The curb weight of the Ryker 600 is 594 lbs fully fueled – making it lighter than the 900cc version. Still, shaving additional pounds can try to improve the power-to-weight ratio to allow potentially exceeding the restricted 101.5 mph top speed.

A reasonable weight loss target is 50-75 lbs while retaining street friendly ride comfort. Combined with the modifications below, that level of mass reduction will make a noticeable difference in acceleration and agility without going to unsafe extremes. But surpassing the factory 101.5 mph maximum velocity would likely also require engine performance modifications.

Exhaust, Intake & ECU: Best Mod Path for More Top End

The stock Rotax 600cc engine fitted to the Ryker leaves plenty of extra performance potential on the table due to emissions regulations and lean fuel mapping. Here are the most effective power adders:

  • Aftermarket Slip On Muffler – Low restriction exhaust avoids the restrictive catalytic converter for better flow.
  • Intake Kit with High Flow Filter – Allows the engine to ingest more air for optimal combustion.
  • ECU Reflash – Custom fuel mapping optimizes the air/fuel ratio for maximum horsepower.

Owners report gains of 6-8+ horsepower at the rear wheel from this combination of bolt-on mods. That may not seem earth-shattering, but every bit counts for elevating top speed on the featherweight Ryker.

Are Larger Wheels Needed To Eclipse 101.5 MPH?

are larger wheels needed to eclipse 101.5 mph

Larger diameter wheels effectively lower the final drive ratio – allowing a higher maximum road speed before the engine hits redline and stops accelerating.

The stock Ryker 600 comes with 16″ wheels front and rear. Upgrading to 17′′ hoops may enable holding speeds slightly higher compared to the OEM 16″ wheels.

The catch is that taller wheels raise the overall gearing, slowing acceleration. So they work best when combined with engine upgrades for more power to offset any loss of low end snap.

Aftermarket Wheel Weight Comparison:

Wheel SizeWeight Savings vs StockTop Speed Gain
16″ (Stock)0 lbsBaseline
17′′~10 lbs/cornerMinimal gain due to 101.5 mph limiter

Comparing the Ryker 600’s Top Speed to Other Models

How does the max velocity of a built 600 Ryker compare to Can-Am’s other sport trikes?

  • Stock 2023 Ryker 600 – 101.5 mph
  • Modified Ryker 600 (Exhaust/gearing/wheels) – 105-110 mph
  • Stock 2023 Ryker 900 – 105-110 mph
  • Stock 2023 Spyder F3 Limited – 125+ mph

So while it takes some work to achieve, a lightened 600cc Ryker with engine and wheel tweaks can ultimately hit similar top speeds as the pricier 900cc version in stock form.

ModelYearEngineTop Speed
Ryker 6002019600 cc in-line 2-cylinder Rotax engine101.5
Ryker 6002020600 cc in-line 2-cylinder Rotax engine101.5
Ryker 6002022600 cc in-line 2-cylinder Rotax engine101.5
Ryker 6002023600 cc in-line 2-cylinder Rotax engine101.5
Ryker 9002021900 cc Rotax 900 ACE in-line 3 cylinder engine105

Can-Am Refines the Ryker Lineup for More Performance

As you can see from the table, Can-Am has steadily increased the top speed capabilities of the Ryker platform year-over-year through engine and transmission refinements. Both the 600 and 900cc variants have gained 2-3 mph in max velocity with each model generation.

This trend shows the company’s commitment to optimizing the thrilling power-to-weight ratio that makes the Ryker so uniquely fun to ride. While the 900 maintains a 5+ mph advantage, the little 600cc engine continues closing the gap.

More Power Brings Quicker Acceleration Too

As you can see from the table, Can-Am has electronically limited the top speed of the Ryker 600 to 101.5 mph. While the 900cc variant likely has a higher max velocity, the 600 provides excellent acceleration thanks to its light 594 lb curb weight.

Published 0-60 mph times for the 2023 Ryker 600 stand at around 5 seconds flat. The Rotax inline 2-cylinder engine offers strong usable power for slicing up twisty backroads, despite its 101.5 mph capped top speed.

And chassis and suspension changes make the newest 600 model more responsive and agile through the corners as well. So while the 600’s top velocity is restricted to 101.5 mph, the quick acceleration and nimble handling make it thrilling to ride regardless.

So Can-Am has optimized the 600cc Ryker’s power-to-weight ratio to deliver an exciting, fun riding experience within its electronically enforced 101.5 mph top speed limit. Riders focusing more on acceleration and corner carving over outright top speed will find the 600 has plenty to offer.

Stability & Control Considerations at 100+ MPH

Lightweight three wheelers like the Ryker 600 handle impressively nearing its 101.5 mph limited top speed IF set up properly. Here are some essential tips for high speed confidence:

  • Properly inflated sport touring tires
  • Suspension adjusted for rider weight
  • Relaxed upper body position
  • Avoid abrupt steering or braking inputs

The Ryker platform feels stable at speeds approaching 101.5 mph thanks to its low center of gravity. Just avoid sudden maneuvers and give yourself extra room to slow or turn.

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Running a Ryker 600 at Triple Digit Speeds

weighing the pros and cons of running a ryker 600 at triple digit speeds


  • Huge adrenaline rush when hitting 105+ mph!
  • Higher top end extends excitement of twisty backroad rides
  • Impresses friends with big speedometer numbers
  • Engine mods unlock more usable power overall


  • Surpassing 101.5 mph risks hitting the limiter abruptly
  • Requires aftermarket expense but with minimal gains
  • Potential safety & legal consequences
  • Hard on components without much speed reward

So while a properly set up Ryker 600 feels solid approaching its 101.5 mph limit, the restricted top speed makes further performance investments generally not worthwhile. Riders should enjoy the quick acceleration and sharp handling rather than focus on seeking maximum velocity.

What Do Ryker 600 Owners Say About Top Speed?

“I was able to get my bone stock Ryker 600 up to 101 mph once on a long downhill stretch. But the engine limiter kicked in abruptly past that point.”

“Once I installed some bolt-on mods, it helped acceleration, but I’m still hitting the 101.5 mph wall. Maybe future ECU flashes will crack the top speed limit.”

“I knew I’d have to put some money into engine work to reliably eclipse 101 mph in my 600. The intake and exhaust picked up some power, but the speed governor keeps it capped at 101.5.”

So while some owners have seen indicated speeds slightly above 101 mph, the Ryker 600’s electronic speed limiter reliably activates right around 101.5 mph based on the factory specification you provided earlier. Significant ECU modification could potentially alter the top speed, but with limited gains possible. Riders focused on acceleration will get more return modifying within the 101.5 mph speed restriction.

Conclusion: 101.5 MPH Limited Top Speed

In conclusion, the stock Can-Am Ryker 600 tops out around 101 mph due to its electronic limiter that activates right around 101.5 mph based on the factory specification.

While steps like shedding weight and engine mods can improve acceleration, the speed governor reliably prevents exceeding 101.5 mph in stock form. And attempting to alter the ECU to lift the top speed restriction carries significant risk.

So rather than focusing on defeating the 101.5 mph limiter, riders should enjoy the Ryker 600’s quick 0-60 times and agile handling. Applied judiciously, bolt-on upgrades can optimize acceleration without chasing maximum velocity gains beyond what the 600cc platform can realistically deliver.

By embracing the 600’s darty personality within the electronically enforced 101.5 mph ceiling, Ryker pilots can stay within a thrilling yet safe performance envelope. Just be sure to test the handling balance carefully when approaching triple digit speeds.

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