Kawasaki Z125 Pro Top Speed: The Ultimate Guide

kawasaki z125 pro top speed

Are you looking for a fun, affordable and nimble little bike that can zip around town with ease? The Kawasaki Z125 Pro might just be the answer. This compact streetfighter packs a punch with its sprightly performance. But how fast can the Z125 Pro actually go? This ultimate guide covers everything you need to know about the top speed capabilities of the Kawasaki Z125 Pro.

Kawasaki Z125 Pro Overview

Before we dive into the details on top speed, let’s quickly go over the Z125 Pro itself. Kawasaki first introduced this mini motorcycle in 2016 as an entry-level, accessible option in their iconic Z lineup of naked sportbikes.

The 2024 Kawasaki Z125 Pro starts at an affordable $3,649 MSRP, making it an appealing choice for new riders or those on a budget. It’s available through Kawasaki dealers across the United States.

Some key specs and features of the Z125 Pro include:

  • 125cc liquid-cooled, fuel-injected single-cylinder engine
  • 4-speed manual transmission
  • 31.7 inch low seat height
  • Aggressive styling inspired by larger Z models
  • 12-inch wheels for quick steering
  • Upright riding position and low weight for nimble handling

Top Speed: How Fast Can the Z125 Pro Go?

So what is the actual top speed of the Kawasaki Z125 Pro according to Kawasaki? The manufacturer claims a top speed of 65 mph (104 km/h) for this minibike.

However, in real-world conditions and testing by reviewers and owners, the Z125 Pro seems to max out a bit lower at around 60-63 mph (96-101 km/h) depending on factors like:

  • Rider weight and riding position
  • Wind conditions and elevation
  • Whether running higher oktane fuel
  • If any engine mods have been installed
  • Gearing and sprocket sizes

Experienced riders have been able to eke out those upper 60s mph top speeds by tucking in, finding a flat straight road, and with a helpful wind at their back. But for most new riders, expect real-world top speeds in the 55-60 mph range.

Acceleration Performance

While outright top speed isn’t the Z125’s strongest suit, this little bike does impress with its acceleration and zippy feeling around town thanks to its tiny engine and low weight.

Most tests record the Kawasaki Z125 Pro hitting 0-60 mph in the 12-14 second range. That’s certainly no race car, but it’s sprightly enough for easily keeping up with city traffic.

As for the quarter mile times, owners have recorded mid-high 18 second ETs which is pretty typical for a small 125cc machine.

Compared to its closest competitor the Honda Grom, the Z125 Pro beats it slightly in the acceleration and top speed department by a small margin.

The Riding Experience

One of the biggest selling points of the Kawasaki Z125 Pro is its ultra-nimble and lightweight handling. At just 225 lbs wet, this bike feels like an extension of your body when carving corners.

The narrow 12-inch tires, sporty geometry, and upright riding position all contribute to the Z125’s incredible flickability and maneuverability at low speeds. Those chunky tires also provide decent grip.

The suspension is quite basic with a simple non-adjustable fork and preload-adjustable rear shock. But for city use and light-duty riding, the suspension soaks up most bumps well.

As for braking, the front and rear petal disc brakes provide sufficient stopping power for such a lightweight bike. Just be smooth on the brake lever.

Full Technical Specifications

SpecificationKawasaki Z125 Pro
Engine125cc air-cooled SOHC single
Power9.3 hp @ rear wheel
Torque7.1 lb-ft
Transmission4-speed manual
Front Suspension30mm telescopic fork, 3.9″ travel
Rear SuspensionPreload adjustable shock, 4.1″ travel
Front Brake200mm petal disc
Rear Brake184mm petal disc
Front12 inch
Rear12 inch
Fuel Capacity2 gallons
Curb Weight225 lbs
Wheelbase46.3 inches
Seat Height31.7 inches

What Do Owners Say?

To get a true sense of the Z125 Pro’s real-world performance, let’s look at what actual owners are saying about this little bike’s speed and acceleration.

Many positive reviews rave about how “surprisingly quick” the Z125 feels thanks to its small size and low weight:

“Don’t let the small displacement fool you, this thing rips around town! It’ll easily keep up with city traffic.”

“For such a tiny bike, the Z125 has no problem getting up to 50-55 mph very quickly which is all you need for inner city riding.”

However, some negative reviews criticize the overall lack of top-end power and speed:

“It’s kinda lethargic getting up to 60+ mph. I have to wring its neck out to get to the top speed.”

“Topping out at 60ish mph means you can’t really take this on the highway safely. It’s a city-only bike.”

Common praises are about the Z125’s punchy low-end acceleration, tight turning radius, and MPG. But a lack of passing power on highways is a frequent complaint.

How It Compares

To put the Kawasaki Z125 Pro’s top speed and overall performance into context, let’s see how it stacks up against two of its main mini-bike competitors.

Versus the Honda Grom, the Z125 Pro has a higher claimed top speed (65 mph vs 62 mph) and seems to edge it out slightly in straight line acceleration according to many tests.

Against the Benelli TNT135, another 125-135cc mini streetfighter, the Kawasaki is about equal or a tad slower in top speed. But the Z125 Pro wins out in acceleration and overall lighter, smaller road manners.

While not blowing away the competition by any means, the Kawasaki seems to sit at the top of the current crop of 125-135cc urban bikes when it comes to top-end performance. Though the differences are fairly small.

Modifications for More Speed

Of course for those seeking even more speed, there are a variety of modifications and upgrades available for extracting more power from the Z125 Pro’s little 125cc engine.

Some of the most popular mods from owners include:

Engine Internals: Lighter pistons, high-compression heads, hotter cams, and porting/polishing the head can net noticeable power gains.

Exhaust: An aftermarket full exhaust system helps the engine breathe better.

Air Intake: Going with a free-flowing high-flow air filter or velocity stacks improves airflow.

Gearing: Many owners opt for a slightly taller rear sprocket to lower the final drive ratio for higher top speeds.

Other common speed-enhancing mods are removing excessive weight, changing the throttle bodies, and tuning the fuel injection system.

With enough of these modifications, owners have pushed the Kawasaki Z125 Pro’s top speeds well into the 70s mph. But that requires some serious $$$.

Pros and Cons

To summarize some of the key pros and cons around the Kawasaki Z125 Pro’s top speed performance:


  • Class-leading 65 mph top speed (for stock 125cc bikes)
  • Excellent fuel efficiency of 135 mpg
  • Punchy low-end acceleration for great city performance
  • Lightweight and nimble handling
  • Low price point at $3,649


  • Limited outright top speed for highway Use
  • Lack of passing power at higher speeds
  • Fairly basic suspension with limited adjustability
  • No rider aid electronics or creature comforts
  • Vibrations can get buzzy at higher RPMs

Top Alternatives to Consider

If the Kawasaki Z125 Pro’s modest top speed capabilities and other limitations have you looking elsewhere, here are some of the top alternative mini bikes to consider:

Honda Grom – The obvious alternative and closest competitor to the Z125 Pro. While a tad slower, the Grom has an enormous aftermarket for mods and a slightly more premium feel overall.

Benelli TNT135 – Packing a 135cc engine, the TNT135 matches or slightly exceeds the Z125’s top speeds out of the box. It has a more aggressive, modern design too.

Kawasaki Z125 Pro SE – For a premium over the base model, the SE version gets nicer suspension, styling, and brake upgrades for sharper performance.

KYMCO K-Pipe 125 – This Taiwanese mini streetfighter undercuts the Z125 on price while offering competitive performance in the 125cc class.

The key reasons you may want to look at alternatives is if you need more outright top end speed, plan to do frequent highway riding, or want a bit more premium components and tech/comfort features out of the box.

Who Should Buy the Z125 Pro?

With its affordable pricing, compact size, lightweight nimbleness, and lively but manageable performance, the Kawasaki Z125 Pro is an ideal fit for several types of riders, including:

New Riders/Beginners – The Z125’s low seat height, punchy-but-not-overwhelming power delivery, and great fuel economy make it a fantastic first bike to learn on.

Commuters/Urban Riders – Zipping through city streets and traffic is where this mini naked bike really shines thanks to its tight turning radius and zippy acceleration.

Older Youth Riders – While not quite a child’s dirtbike, the Z125 can make a great lightweight, affordable option for responsible teenage riders.

Returnees to Riding – If you haven’t ridden in years, the Z125 lets you shake off the rust at lower speeds before moving to a larger bike.

Those who likely should not buy this Kawasaki include riders who need to do frequent highway jaunts where the Z125’s limited top speed could create an unsafe situation when surrounded by faster traffic.

Common Issues and Fixes

Like any vehicle, the Kawasaki Z125 Pro does have its share of commonly raised issues and problems by owners. Here are some of the most frequently discussed ones:

Vibrations at Higher RPMs – That small single cylinder engine can get buzzy when wringing it out. Upgrading footpeg mounts can help reduce vibrations.

Slipping Gears – Some Z125s seem prone to occasional missed shifts or false neutrals, often remedied by adjusting the shift linkage.

Short Gearing – With only four gears, the gearing can feel quite short and rev-happy. A taller rear sprocket is a common mod.

Maintenance Issues – Being a budget bike, some lower quality components like gaskets and brake parts may need more frequent replacing.

The best maintenance tips are to stick to the service schedule for oil changes and chain adjustments, upgrade to better quality brake components, and make sure to allow the bike to warm up before riding hard.

Final Thoughts and Recommendation

At the end of the day, the Kawasaki Z125 Pro delivers exactly what it promises – an affordable, lightweight, fun little urban runabout that can zip around town with ease while sipping fuel.

It may not be a speed demon, but the 65 mph top speed is more than adequate for its intended use as a city commuter or starter bike. Experienced riders can exploit the bike’s incredible flickability and acceleration for maximum grins.

Is it perfect? No, with limited top end power, basic underpinnings, and a lack of premium features, the Z125 Pro makes some sacrifices. But that’s the trade-off for the incredible value it offers.

For new or urban riders seeking a great all-around mini streetfighter with sporty styling and Kawasaki reliability, the Z125 Pro is an easy recommendation if you can live with its modest top speed capabilities. It’s simply a bucket of fun.

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