How Fast Can a Polaris Ranger 570 Go? Unlocking Top Speed

how fast can a polaris ranger 570 go

The Polaris Ranger 570 is one of the most popular mid-sized utility side-by-sides. With its smooth ride, hauling capability, and maneuverability, it’s a versatile machine for my work and play. But what about speed? How fast can my stock Ranger 570 really go, and what modifications can unlock even more top end?

The stock Polaris Ranger 570 tops out at around 44 mph. But with modifications, real world top speeds of over 70 mph are possible.

In this article, I’ll cover everything you need to know about getting the maximum speed out of my Polaris Ranger 570, including:

  • An overview of the Polaris Ranger 570
  • The stock 570’s top speed capabilities
  • Factors that impact top speed
  • How to increase top speed through modifications
  • Safety considerations at higher speeds
  • Real world top speeds for modified 570 Rangers

So if you’ve ever wondered, “how fast can I make my 570 Ranger go?” – read on for the full breakdown. With modifications, I’ve seen real world top speeds over 70 mph.

Overview of the Polaris Ranger 570

overview of the polaris ranger 570

The Polaris Ranger 570 is a mid-sized side-by-side first introduced for model year 2015. With seating for up to 2 people and a hauling capacity of 1,000 pounds, it strikes a nice balance of passenger space, cargo ability, and a maneuverable 58 inch width.

Under the hood, the Ranger 570 is powered by a ProStar 567cc single-cylinder engine putting out 44 horsepower. This engine gives it adequate grunt for recreational trail riding or taking care of jobs around the homestead.

The 570 comes standard with features like on-demand true all-wheel drive, engine braking, EPS power steering, and 10 inches of ground clearance. It’s a proven platform that owners praise for its reliability and capability.

TransmissionAutomatic PVT
Wheels25-inch tires
LightingDual Halogen Headlights, LED Taillights
EngineProStar 570 Single Cylinder, 567cc
Height73 inches (185.4 cm)
Ground Clearance10 inches
Payload Capacity1,000 lbs (453.6 kg)
Towing Capacity1,500 lbs (680.4 kg)
Width58 inches (147.3 cm)
Length110 inches (279.4 cm)
Weight1,031 lbs (467.7 kg)
Fuel Capacity9 gallons (34.1 liters)
Seating Capacity2
SuspensionFront – MacPherson Strut, Rear – Dual A-Arm
Drive SystemOn-Demand True AWD/2WD
Horsepower44 HP
Top Speed44 mph

Stock Top Speed Capabilities

stock top speed capabilities

So what’s the top speed of a bone stock Polaris Ranger 570 straight from the factory? According to owner reports, the Ranger 570 is governed to a top speed of around 44 mph depending on conditions and payload.

This speed limiter is implemented through the engine control module to balance speed capability with stability, handling, emissions, and noise. Many UTVs utilize speed limiters to meet regulations or improve safety – so the Ranger is no different.

In testing, some owners report seeing the speedometer register as high as 44 mph before the limiter kicks in to restrict further acceleration. Real world top speeds with passengers and gear match this governed limit, topping out around 44 mph on level ground.

So while not the fastest side-by-side from the factory, the stock Ranger 570 has enough governed speed capability for most owners’ needs. Those wanting more top end will need to turn to the aftermarket or a more powerful model.

Factors Impacting Top Speed

What determines how fast a side-by-side can go? There are several key factors that influence top speed:

Weight and Payload

Carrying heavier loads puts more strain on the engine to maintain speed. So passenger weight, cargo, and gear can all negatively impact acceleration and top speed if the vehicle becomes overloaded. Owners notice speed drops when approaching the Ranger’s 1,000 pound payload capacity. Shedding weight can help the Ranger reach its top speed of 44 mph.

Tire Size

The Polaris Ranger 570 comes with 25-inch tires from the factory. Moving to a larger diameter aftermarket tire can optimize torque transfer efficiency. As long as speedometer and odometer recalibrations account for larger tires, this can allow the Ranger to reach its full speed potential of 44 mph.

Engine Power

The 570cc ProStar engine produces 44 hp in stock form – adequate capability but not high performance. Modifying or upgrading the engine can directly raise the Ranger’s 44 mph top speed by producing more horsepower and torque to turn the tires faster.

How To Increase The Top Speed?

how to increase the top speed

Potential modifications for increasing top speed include:

Adjust the Speed Limiter

Eliminating the speed limiter allows the engine to reach full rpm and exceed the governed 44 mph limit. Carefully test stability above 50 mph if de-restricting top speed.

Install a More Powerful Engine

Higher displacement engines like 700+cc produce 100+ horsepower which can vastly exceed the 44 mph stock top speed. Expect complex installs needing matching drivetrain upgrades.

Reduce Vehicle Weight

By reducing load weight, the Ranger 570 accelerates quicker and can potentially reach speeds closer to its limited 44 mph top speed.

Safety Considerations at Higher Speeds

While mods can unlock more straight line speed from your 570, also consider the safety impacts of faster operation:

Stability and Handling

The Ranger’s wider track width and Modular Chassis provide confident handling at stock speeds. But the higher the speeds climb, the more unwieldy any side-by-side becomes. Assess stability with speed incrementally, taking care on bumpy or uneven terrain where rollovers become more likely. Slow way down for corners.

Braking Distance

Faster speeds also mean longer stopping distances. Even with 4-wheel hydraulic disc brakes, braking performance becomes increasingly critical above 50 mph. Maintain safe following distances from other vehicles and be prepared to stop. Pay special attention braking downhill. Consider upgrading the brake system alongside drivetrain speed mods.

With thoughtful parts selection and careful acclimation to new capabilities, polaris ranger 570 speed modifications can be safe, reliable, and fast. But always prioritize control and avoid pushing your machine beyond its safe handling limits.

What Speed Can a Modded 570 Ranger Reach?

So what real world top speeds are owners seeing with modified Polaris Ranger 570 builds?

According to user reports, modded Rangers are capable of reaching:

  • 50-55 mph by adjusting the factory speed limiter alone
  • Low 60 mph range with intake, exhaust, clutch work, and larger tires
  • 70+ mph with a 800cc engine upgrade and matched drivetrain components

Remember, stress on driveline components increases exponentially at higher speeds. Focus first on ride quality and usable power before chasing maximum dyno figures. A machine geared for 60-65 mph is often more drivable than a less balanced build topping out at 70+.

Top Speed Comparison: Polaris Ranger 570 vs 1000 Models

ModelYearTop Speed (mph)
Polaris Ranger 570202344
Polaris Ranger 570201944
Polaris Ranger 570202044
Polaris Ranger 570201844
Polaris Ranger 1000202358

*Limited to 44-50 mph range from factory based on user reports

**1000 models have 58 mph manufacturer claimed top speed

This table compares the published and user-reported top speeds across Polaris Ranger 570 and 1000 models from recent model years. It shows that while the 570 is speed-limited to 44 mph across all years, the larger 1000 series Rangers from the factory are capable of reaching top speeds up to 58 mph. For those prioritizing maximum velocity, stepping up to the 1000 class provides gains of over 10 mph straight from the dealer.

What Owners Are Saying About Polaris Ranger 570 Top Speed?

“The Polaris Ranger 570 has enough power to tow heavy loads around my property while remaining nimble on tight trails. I top out around 40 mph which suits my needs.”

“One downside is the cheap plastic doors on my model year. The poor latch design causes them to fly open over 30 mph over bumps. I reinforced the system to help retain the doors at higher speeds.”

“I use my Ranger gently on recreational trails. The ride is smooth but the stock tires and suspension handling get unstable approaching 40 mph. This model prioritizes utility use over high speed recreation.”

Key Takeaways On Your Ranger 570’S Speed

Reaching the highest top speed from the 570 requires balancing components to avoid undue strain. With careful mods, 50+ mph is possible:

  • Stock Rangers reach 44 mph limited – slower while loaded
  • Basic intake, exhaust and gearing changes provide modest gains
  • Further engine upgrades produce more substantial increases

But most owners don’t need to transform their 570 into a race machine. Consider your real world use before performance mods. Added straight line speed rarely improves daily utility on the farm, trail or work site.

For those seeking to expand the solid Ranger platform, the 570 responds well to sensible tuning focused on reliability and control rather than peak dyno runs alone. This makes enjoying added speed much more fun!

frequently asked questions about Polaris Ranger 570 top speed

Can you make a Polaris Ranger 570 go faster?

Yes, Rangers can achieve higher top speeds around 44 mph through sensible modifications like air intakes, clutches, larger tires and speed limiter adjustments. More drastic engine swaps can push speeds higher.

How fast is the 2014 Polaris Ranger 570?

Unmodified 2014 570 Rangers topped out around 44 mph due to factory speed limiting, same as today’s models. With careful upgrades focused on reliability, a 2014 model could reasonably reach 50-55 mph.

What is the difference between Polaris Sportsman 570 and 1000?

The main difference is engine size and power output. The 570 has a smaller single-cylinder making 44 HP, while the 1000 makes 58 HP from its 999cc. This gives the 1000 model over 35% more power and torque for increased acceleration, hauling ability, and higher top speeds.

Why does my Polaris Ranger only go 15 mph?

Speeds this low usually indicate an engine problem, activated low mode, or faulty sensor. The ECU may be limiting power as well. Diagnose codes or have the Ranger serviced to address performance issues.

Can I bypass the speed limiter on my Polaris Ranger 570?

Yes, the 44 mph speed limiter can be adjusted through an EFI tuner. This allows higher rpm and speeds. However, carefully test stability and component stress above 50 mph before raising limits further.

What is the top speed of a bone stock Polaris Ranger 570?

Bone stock 570 Rangers with no modifications top out at the governed 44 mph speed limit. Payload weight and other factors can reduce real world speeds.

How much horsepower does the Polaris Ranger 570 make?

The 570cc ProStar single-cylinder produces 44 horsepower from the factory. Upgrading to larger 700+cc Ranger engines can unlock 70+ horsepower.

What year model Polaris Ranger 570 is the best?

The Ranger 570 platform has remained mostly unchanged since its 2015 debut. Each model year iteration is reliable with only minor differences. Any 570 from 2015 onward will deliver great utility.

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