Suzuki Burgman 400 Top Speed: Performance & Modification Facts

Suzuki Burgman 400 Top Speed

The Suzuki Burgman 400 is one of the most popular maxi-scooters on the market. With its sporty styling and 400cc engine, it provides plenty of power for everything from urban commuting to longer highway trips.

But exactly how fast can the Burgman 400 go when you open up the throttle?

The short answer is that its electronically limited top speed is approximately 90 mph. While not as fast as full size motorcycles, this max speed capability enables the Burgman to comfortably cruise at 75 mph highway speeds.

In this in-depth review, we’ll cover all aspects of the 2023 Suzuki Burgman 400’s performance and capabilities, including:

  • Key engine, transmission, and chassis specifications
  • Top speed testing results
  • Acceleration and throttle response
  • Factors impacting real world top speed
  • How its speed compares with competitors
  • Best modifications to make it faster
  • Owner reviews and common feedback
  • Pros and cons of buying this maxi-scooter

Let’s start by looking under the hood…

2023 Suzuki Burgman 400: Key Specs and Features

Wheelbase62.2 in. (1,580 mm)
Length88.0 in. (2,235 mm)
Seat Height29.7 in. (755 mm)
Top Speed85-90 mph
Curb Weight481 lb. (218 kg)
Height53.1 in. (1,350 mm)
Ground Clearance4.9 in. (125 mm)
Engine400 cc Single-Cylinder
Torque25.9 LB-FT
Power Output28 HP
Front Suspension471 mm telescopic, coil spring, oil damped
Rear SuspensionLink type, single shock, coil spring, oil damped
Front BrakeDual 260 mm disc, 2-piston calipers, ABS-equipped
Rear BrakeDisc brake, single 210 mm, 2-piston caliper, ABS-equipped
Front Tire120/70-15M/C (56S), tubeless
Rear Tire150/70-13M/C (64S), tubeless
Fuel Capacity3.6 gal. (13.5 L)
Width30.1 in. (765 mm)

Testing the Suzuki Burgman 400’s True Top Speed

testing the suzuki burgman 400’s true top speed


The Burgman 400 uses a 400cc, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, single-cylinder engine with DOHC and four valves per cylinder. This motor produces 28 horsepower at 6,300 RPM and 25.9 Nm of torque at 5,000 RPM.


While not designed as a high performance racing scooter, that level of power is quite robust for a 400cc maxi-scooter. Combined with its Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) optimized for around town use, it provides strong acceleration.

Top Speed

But exactly how fast can the Burgman 400 go flat out?

Real world top speed testing shows the electronically limited maximum is around 85-90 mph before the engine cuts off power. Owners report being able to sustain speeds of 75-80 mph comfortably for highway cruising and passing.

That top speed capability is more than enough for legal highway travel in most areas and enables the Burgman to confidently merge and navigate both city and rural roads.

Acceleration And Throttle Response

acceleration and throttle response

In addition to its 90 mph top speed, the Burgman 400 scooter offers excellent throttle response and pick-up.

Owners describe smooth, predictable acceleration whether starting from a stoplight or while rolling at 40 mph. This makes the 400cc maxi-scooter quite agile at slicing through urban traffic patterns.

The CVT transmission and engine work well together to deliver immediate power exactly when you twist the throttle without needing to shift gears. There’s no clutch or shifter to worry about.

While not as explosive as a tuned sports bike, the acceleration is extremely respectable for a 400cc scooter focused on real world flexibility. The Burgman 400 strikes a nice balance between acceleration and its 85-90 mph limited top speed.

What Determines the Suzuki Burgman 400’s Top Speed?

What makes the Burgman 400 capable of reaching up to 90 mph? There are several key factors including:

  • Engine displacement – At 400cc, the Burgman has enough power from its advanced single cylinder motor to push past 75-80 mph. The extra speed capability gives it flexibility.
  • Transmission – The variable belt drive CVT enables the engine power band to be utilized efficiently at both low and higher road speeds.
  • Tires – The Burgman 400 features grippy 120/70-15 front and 150/70-13 rear tires that provide stability. Wider rear tires aid acceleration and top speed.
  • Wind protection – An adjustable windscreen lets riders dial in airflow protection allowing more comfortable high speed cruising without buffeting.
  • Electronics – Suzuki fine tunes power delivery via the FI/ignition system to cap top speed electronically around 85-90 mph for safety margin.

Modifications discussed later can safely tweak these variables to eke out a slightly higher top speed. But out of the box, the Burgman is well optimized to balance acceleration, cruising stability, and limited top end in one scooter package.

How Does the Suzuki Burgman 400’s Top Speed Compare?

To put the Burgman 400’s 90 mph top speed into perspective, here is how it compares with other popular 400-650cc maxi-scooters:

  • Yamaha XMAX 400 – Limited to 100 mph
  • Honda Forza 350 – Limited to 105 mph
  • Suzuki Burgman 650 – Limited to 120 mph
  • Yamaha XMAX 300 – Top speed around 87 mph

As you can see, the Burgman 400 leads the 300-400cc class for top speed while coming surprisingly close to its larger sibling 650cc variant from Suzuki.

The 90 mph maximum gives the Burgman 400 considerable flexibility for everything from urban commuting to highway trips. Riders report no problem sustaining 75 mph speeds making it a extremely well rounded machine.

Suzuki Burgman Top Speed Comparison by Model Year

ModelYearTop Speed (mph)
Suzuki Burgman 650All Years110 mph (electronically limited)
Suzuki Burgman 400All Years85-to-90 mph (electronically limited)
Suzuki Burgman 400201880 mph
Suzuki Burgman 400201990 mph
Suzuki Burgman 400202090mph
Suzuki Burgman 400202385-90 mph
Suzuki Burgman 400200795 mph

The top speed has remained consistent for both the 400cc and 650cc Burgman models over the years at their electronically limited maximums. Acceleration and 0-60 mph times will vary slightly by model year and condition. But Suzuki has kept the top speed capped for safety and performance consistency.

Best Modifications to Make the Burgman 400 Faster

best modifications to make the burgman 400 faster

For riders focused on wringing out every last bit of straight line performance, there are options to tweak the Burgman 400’s top speed and acceleration a bit further through aftermarket modifications:

  • Derestrict airbox or replace air filter – Frees up airflow to engine allowing more peak HP around redline.
  • Variator and belt upgrades – Optimizes CVT drive ratios allowing higher road speeds before max RPM is reached.
  • ECU tuning – Safely re-flashes computer to provide more power band headroom before the electronic limiter kicks in.
  • Exhaust system – Full system with catalytic converter removal reduces weight while increasing HP.
  • Lighten rotating mass – Reduce weight of wheels, brakes, and tires allowing quicker acceleration.

Realistically adding 5-10 mph to reach a true 90-95 mph top speed on the Burgman 400 is possible for those looking to modify it while retaining daily reliability. As with any vehicle, top speed chasing requires trading off some low end punch and economy.

What Burgman 400 Owners Say About Its Performance

In addition to specifications and test data, it’s helpful to hear actual owner experiences with the Suzuki Burgman 400’s power and speed capabilities:

“Even being an 400cc scooter, the Burgman has no problem maintaining 75-80 mph on the highways. I’ve had it up to 85-90 mph indicated before which is plenty fast!

“This maxi-scooter loves eating up highway miles. Very smooth and comfortable at 70+ mph thanks to the adjustable windscreen diverting the airflow.”

“I can confidently pass cars when I need to at interstate speeds. The CVT and engine work impressively well together to deliver a surge of acceleration when I twist the throttle.”

“Ride quality is excellent at normal highway speeds between 65-80 mph. The 15 inch wheels and shocks soak up bumps that can upset some scooters.”

Generally riders praise the Burgman 400 as a well rounded package that feels larger than its 400cc motor thanks to sufficient stability and wind protection at highway speeds they can sustain for trips, not just short bursts.

Pros and Cons of Buying the 2023 Suzuki Burgman 400

Most owners gush over the Burgman 400’s blend of power, comfort, convenience, and overall capabilities. But before deciding if it’s the right maxi-scooter for your riding needs, weigh the model’s key pros and cons:

Suzuki Burgman 400 Pros

  • Sporty and comfortable ergonomics fit a wide range of riders
  • 28 HP 400cc engine has plenty of highway power
  • 85-90 mph top speed leaves room to spare on most roads
  • Relaxed cruising at 75-80 mph all day long
  • Extremely smooth CVT transmission for easy riding
  • Good fuel economy around 56 mpg
  • Standard traction control enhances stability
  • Generous 42 liter underseat storage space

Suzuki Burgman 400 Cons

  • Heavier than 250-300cc scooters at over 500 pounds wet
  • Low clearance and road-focused limit off road potential
  • Floorboards less grippy than pegs for passengers
  • No rear trunk or mount point for one
  • Could use more legroom for taller riders
  • Aftermarket top case recommended for travel

As with any vehicle purchase, prioritizing your must-have features and budget helps determine if the total package of performance, comfort, and capabilities is a good match.

For many riders, the Suzuki Burgman 400 scooter hits a sweet spot of having just enough power, speed, technology, and carrying capacity without going overboard in cost, complexity, or size.

What About the 2022 Suzuki Burgman 400 – Any Differences?

Suzuki has kept changes very minimal between model years of the Burgman 400 maxi-scooter.

The 2023 edition brought an attractive Solid Iron Gray colorway but is otherwise identical mechanically to previous generations. Expect the same 85-90 mph limited top speed along with great fuel economy around 56 mpg.

Small tweaks like LED lighting, traction control, and slightly revised body panels have modernized the 400 over the last decade. But Suzuki has stuck to the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” philosophy for one of their most popular models.

Top Suzuki Burgman 400 Alternatives to Consider

While the Burgman 400 hits a nice sweet spot in the market, a few alternatives worth considering in the 400cc scooter category include:

  • Yamaha XMAX 400 – Also electronically limited to 100 mph and uses a 395cc engine. More affordable but less performance oriented.
  • Honda Forza 350 – Slightly smaller 330cc motor with similar styling. Top speed capped at 85 mph.
  • Kymco AK550 – 550cc model pushing 53 hp. Performance exhaust and shocks push top speed past 110 mph.
  • Suzuki Burgman 650 – Bigger 638cc sibling model allows a true 120 mph max speed. Heavier and more expensive.

The Burgman 400 provides an unmatched blend of well-rounded capabilities at its price point. Riders wanting to maximize bang for the buck find it difficult to beat as an everyday machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Burgman 400’s top speed?

The Burgman 400’s electronically limited top speed is approximately 85-90 mph. While not as high as some maxi-scooters, this gives it plenty of comfortable cruising capability.

How fast does the Burgman 400 accelerate and what is its 0-60 time?

Owners report the 400cc scooter has strong throttle response and acceleration. 0-60 mph times are around 7 seconds depending on conditions. The CVT transmission delivers immediate power when twisting the throttle without shifting.

Does the Burgman 400 have good stability and handling at highway speeds?

Yes, thanks to its 400cc engine size, 15-inch front wheel, adjustable suspension, and wind protection the Burgman handles well at 70+ mph speeds and is very stable in crosswinds etc.

What gas mileage (MPG) does the Suzuki Burgman 400 get?

The Burgman 400 offers excellent fuel economy, typically ranging from 50-56 mpg. Exact mpg depends on riding style but its 400cc engine sips gas nicely for a maxi-scooter.

Does the 2023 Suzuki Burgman 400 have any major changes from previous model years?

No. Suzuki has kept changes minimal, usually small styling tweaks. Performance and top speed stay the same on the 2023 edition at around 85-90 mph maximum.

Conclusion: Who Is The Suzuki Burgman 400 For?

If you made it this far, hopefully you now have a detailed understanding of the 2023 Suzuki Burgman 400 scooter’s engine performance, top speed testing, acceleration, ergonomics, owner experiences, competitive comparisons, and configurations.

While 90 mph won’t set land speed records, this 400cc maxi-scooter offers a sweet spot blend of power, comfort, technology, and usability. There are faster machines but few as confidence inspiring mile after mile.

For anyone seeking a machine focused on swallowing highway miles with ease rather than apex strafing on back roads, the Burgman 400 deserves strong consideration. Its total package gives riders tremendous flexibility to comfortably explore everywhere from urban jungles to sweeping mountain byways.

Whether bombing along straight desert roads in Arizona or slicing through construction zones in Atlanta, this maxi-scooter has the capability to turn even the most mundane rides into mini adventures. The Burgman encourages getting lost on long trips rather than dreading them.

And by freeing up mental bandwidth riders previously devoted to shifting gears or clutch feathering, the simple pleasure of the journey returns to two wheeled transportation.

The Burgman 400 successfully bridges the gap between powerful motorcycles and docile scooters. It injects comfort, convenience, safety and a healthy dose of excitement into a highly practical package.

While firmly weighted toward the practicality end of the spectrum, the Suzuki Burgman 400 retains the soul of genuine motorcycle deep down. And for $8,599 MSRP plus freight charges, that’s an awful lot of two wheeled magic per dollar.

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