Yamaha MT-09 Top Speed: How Fast Can It Go?

Yamaha MT-09 Top Speed

The Yamaha MT-09 is a thrilling naked bike that delivers exceptional performance and an adrenaline-fueled riding experience. With its powerful 890cc three-cylinder engine and aggressive styling, speed enthusiasts can’t help but wonder: just how fast can the MT-09 go? This guide, we’ll explore the top speed capabilities of the MT-09, dive into real-world experiences, compare it to rivals, and provide tips to unlock even more speed potential.

2024 Yamaha MT-09 Overview

Before we delve into the MT-09’s blistering pace, let’s quickly go over the key specifications of the latest 2024 model:

Specification2024 Yamaha MT-09
Engine890cc liquid-cooled inline 3-cylinder
Power119 hp @ 10,000 rpm
Torque69 lb-ft @ 7,000 rpm
Transmission6-speed with slipper clutch
Curb Weight425 lbs
Front Suspension41mm inverted fork, fully adjustable
Rear SuspensionMono-shock, adjustable preload and rebound
Front BrakesDual 298mm discs, radial Brembo master cylinder
Rear Brake245mm disc

The 2024 MT-09 receives several key upgrades, including a restyled LED headlight, lower fuel tank, slimmer two-piece seat, and larger 5-inch TFT display. Yamaha has also improved the ergonomics with a lower handlebar position and rearward-mounted foot controls.

Just How Fast is the Yamaha MT-09?

According to Yamaha, the MT-09 has a top speed of 225 km/h (140 mph) as indicated on the speedometer. However, real-world tests suggest the MT-09 can achieve even higher speeds, potentially reaching 250-260 km/h (155-162 mph) without any electronic limiters.

In terms of acceleration, the MT-09 can sprint from 0-60 mph in around 3.2 seconds, while covering the quarter-mile in approximately 10.8 seconds at 128 mph. These blistering numbers are thanks to the bike’s stellar power-to-weight ratio and Yamaha’s responsive inline-triple engine.

Several factors contribute to the MT-09’s top speed performance, including:

  • Power and Torque Output: With 119 hp and 69 lb-ft of torque on tap, the MT-09 has plenty of grunt to reach serious velocities.
  • Aerodynamics: The MT-09’s upright, naked riding position and lack of wind protection limit its aerodynamic efficiency at higher speeds.
  • Gearing: The 6-speed transmission’s gear ratios balance low-end acceleration with reasonable highway cruising rpm.

What’s it Like to Ride a Yamaha MT-09 at Top Speeds?

Having had the opportunity to test ride the MT-09 at higher speeds, I can attest that the experience is nothing short of exhilarating. The inline-triple’s hearty torque curve provides relentless acceleration that pins you to the back of the saddle.

Reaching triple-digit speeds happens almost deceptively fast, accompanied by the engine’s utterly captivating intake and exhaust howl. While the riding position and lack of wind protection make sustained top speeds a bit taxing, the MT-09 feels remarkably planted and stable thanks to its well-sorted chassis and suspension.

One area that could use improvement is transmission performance at extreme velocities. The gearbox can occasionally feel clunky and resistant to swift upshifts when approaching the lofty redline in fourth, fifth, and sixth gears.

Owners Speak – MT-09 Speed Pros and Cons

To provide a more balanced perspective, let’s look at what real-world MT-09 owners have to say about the bike’s speed and performance:

Positive Owner Feedback:

“The MT-09’s throttle response and midrange punch are simply addictive. It’s an absolute riot to wind that triple out to redline and experience that glorious intake roar.” – James, MT-09 Owner

“For a naked bike, the MT-09 is shockingly quick. I’ve embarrassed more than a few bigger machines off the line with my ‘budget’ MT.” – Samantha, MT-09 Owner

Negative Owner Feedback:

“Wind protection is virtually non-existent, which makes prolonged high-speed stints quite fatiguing. An aftermarket windscreen is almost a necessity.” – Mark, MT-09 Owner

“The transmission can occasionally feel clunky, especially when upshifting at redline in the higher gears. A smoother shifter would be welcomed.” – David, MT-09 Owner

Overall, owners seem thrilled with the MT-09’s straight-line pace and acceleration, but some improvements to aerodynamics and transmission feel could make the experience even better.

How Does the MT-09’s Speed Compare to Rivals?

The naked bike segment is filled with several speedy contenders that give the MT-09 a run for its money. Here’s how the Yamaha stacks up against key rivals in terms of top speed:

  • Kawasaki Z900: 249 km/h (155 mph)
  • KTM 890 Duke R: 245 km/h (152 mph)
  • Triumph Street Triple RS: 241 km/h (150 mph)
  • Suzuki GSX-S750: 233 km/h (145 mph)

While not the outright king, the MT-09 holds its own admirably against the competition, trading blows with heavyweights like the Z900 and 890 Duke R. Its power-to-weight ratio and gearing keep it within striking distance of the class leaders.

Extracting More Top Speed From Your MT-09

For some riders, the MT-09’s factory-rated top speeds may not be enough to satisfy their need for speed. Luckily, there are several popular modifications that can help unleash even more performance from Yamaha’s triple:

Engine Modifications:

  • Exhaust systems (slip-ons or full systems)
  • Engine remapping or fuel control modules
  • Air filters and airbox modifications

Aerodynamic Enhancements:

  • Aftermarket windscreens or wind deflectors
  • Frame sliders to improve aerodynamics

Chassis and Gearing Changes:

  • Sprocket changes for altered final drive ratios
  • Lighter aftermarket wheels to reduce unsprung weight

It’s important to note that many performance modifications can impact emissions, wear components faster, and may even void warranties if not installed properly. Street legality and your local regulations should also be considered.

Pricing and Finding a 2024 Yamaha MT-09

The 2024 Yamaha MT-09 carries an MSRP of $10,599 in the United States market. This price represents an increase of around $800 compared to the 2023 model year.

As for availability, the 2024 MT-09 will begin arriving at Yamaha dealers across the US in March 2024. Three color options will be offered: Raven Black, Team Yamaha Blue, and Midnight Cyan.

Those looking to save some cash can opt for pre-owned MT-09 models from previous years. Pricing on the used market can vary greatly based on condition, mileage, and location, but generally ranges from $5,000 to $9,000 for well-maintained examples.

Is the 2024 MT-09 the Right Speed Machine for You?

With its impressive performance capabilities and affordable price tag, the 2024 Yamaha MT-09 can appeal to a wide range of riders. However, some subgroups may find it particularly well-suited to their needs:

Ideal For:

  • Adrenaline junkies seeking a thrill on backroads or track days
  • City dwellers who need a quick, agile machine for urban environments
  • Riders on a budget who still crave serious performance

May Not Be Ideal For:

  • Touring riders who need better wind protection and comfort features
  • Absolute top speed chasers seeking the utmost performance
  • Novice riders who may find the MT-09’s power too intimidating

Ultimately, the MT-09 excels as an affordable, high-performance naked bike that delivers an exhilarating ride, whether carving up canyon roads or blasting down straightaways. Its balance of power, agility, and value make it an extremely appealing option for seasoned riders craving an adrenaline rush on two wheels.

Common MT-09 Issues and Solutions

While the Yamaha MT-09 has earned a reputation for being a well-engineered and reliable machine, no motorcycle is completely immune to issues. Here are some common problems MT-09 owners have reported and their potential solutions:

Transmission Issues:

  • Clunky shifting or missed gears, often remedied by adjusting the clutch cable freeplay.
  • Hard to engage neutral, which may require replacing the shift shaft roller.

Electrical Gremlins:

  • Battery draining issues, which could be caused by parasitic draws that require tracing wiring issues.
  • Warning lights or error codes, sometimes fixed by updating the ECU software.

Vibration and Buzzing Noises:

  • Engine vibrations at certain RPMs, potentially resolved by upgrading engine mounts.
  • Buzzing from bodywork or electrical components, which may need adjustments or application of damping materials.

Proper maintenance and keeping up with software updates from Yamaha can help prevent or quickly diagnose many of these problems. For complex issues, consulting experienced MT-09 mechanics is highly recommended.

How Safe and Reliable is the Yamaha MT-09 at Speed?

While high speeds inherently come with increased risks, the Yamaha MT-09 packs an impressive array of safety features and robust engineering to inspire confidence when the pace intensifies.

On the braking front, the MT-09 comes equipped with dual 298mm front discs clamped by four-piston calipers and a 245mm rear disc. A new radial Brembo master cylinder provides precise brake lever feel and component quality you’d expect on higher-end motorcycles.

Aiding braking stability is an advanced six-axis IMU that enables lean-sensitive ABS intervention, rear-wheel lift mitigation, traction control, and slide control systems. These electronic aids work seamlessly to boost rider confidence during hard acceleration and braking.

In terms of long-term reliability, the MT-09’s liquid-cooled CP3 triple has proven itself to be a sturdy and dependable powerplant when properly maintained. While no significant recalls have affected the MT-09 lineup, keeping up with routine services is essential for ensuring components like valves and clutches remain in proper working order over time.

Reports of premature chain and sprocket wear seem more common, so inspecting and adjusting the final drive is wise, especially for riders who enjoy wringing out the MT-09’s top speed potential frequently.

Yamaha MT-09 Top Speed FAQs

Does the MT-09 have a top speed limiter?

No, the MT-09 does not have an electronically limited top speed from the factory. Its actual top speed is only limited by aerodynamics, gearing, and the engine’s power output.

Can I make the MT-09 go even faster with exhaust mods?

Yes, installing an aftermarket full exhaust system can unlock additional top-end power by reducing back-pressure. However, it’s crucial to also remap or tune the ECU to take full advantage.

Is the MT-09’s top speed suitable for highway riding?

Absolutely. With a comfortable top speed around 150-160 mph, the MT-09 has no issues maintaining higher highway velocities, although wind protection becomes an issue over extended periods.

Do I need a more powerful bike if I want extreme top speeds?

While the MT-09 is certainly fast, riders obsessed with ultimate straight-line acceleration and velocity may need to step up to a liter-class sportbike or high-end literbike to satiate their need for speed.

Final Thoughts on the Yamaha MT-09’s Outright Speed

After thoroughly examining the Yamaha MT-09’s performance data, owner experiences, and how it stacks up against key competitors, it’s clear this naked bike delivers thrilling speeds that will satisfy most adrenaline cravings.

Is it the hands-down fastest option in its class? No, but the MT-09 makes a remarkably strong case for itself when you factor in its approachable power delivery, decent aerodynamics for a naked bike, and incredible value proposition.

For riders who can live without elite-level top speed bragging rights, the 2024 Yamaha MT-09 serves up grins and adrenaline rushes by the bucketload thanks to its potent triple-cylinder roar, stellar chassis manners, and more than enough straight-line muscle to keep things very interesting indeed.

Viewed through the lens of its budget-conscious pricing and user-friendly performance, the MT-09’s speed equation creates a supremely well-rounded and engaging package that simply can’t be ignored in the naked bike realm.

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