2023 Honda Navi Top Speed: Specs, Performance, Top Speed

Honda Navi Top Speed

Riding a motorcycle is all about freedom, fun, and that thrill you get when you twist the throttle and feel the engine roar to life. For new riders or those just looking for a run-around town bike, Honda aims to deliver those sensations in a pint-sized package with the 2023 update of their iconic Navi model.

But how fast can you really go on a 109cc bike?

The 2023 Honda Navi can reach a top speed of around 50 mph depending on rider weight and conditions. While no speed demon, it has plenty of get-up-and-go from a stop and solid acceleration for around-town riding. Read on for a deep dive into key specs, performance capabilities, rider reviews and more to see if this mini moto is your next two-wheeled buddy.

We’ll cover all aspects of this mighty mite’s speed and capabilities including:

  • Navi overview as an approachable small motorcycle
  • Engine, transmission and performance specs
  • Ergonomics and rider fit
  • Efficiency, gas mileage estimates
  • Brakes and safety systems
  • Top speed testing results
  • Ways to make your Navi faster
  • Owner reviews and real-world experience
  • Key reasons to buy or pass

Plus plenty more details on Honda’s darling lightweight machine! Let’s get rolling…

What Is the Honda Navi?

what is the honda navi

There’s no mistaking a Honda Navi once you spot it out on the road. With its boxy, minimoto style and bright color options, this affordable runabout aims to deliver the fun and freedom of a motorcycle in a unintimidating small package.

Introduced in 2016 then relaunched for 2022, the 2023 Honda Navi features a 109cc air-cooled single-cylinder engine with automatic clutchless CVT transmission. It straddles the line between scooter and motorcycle with its light weight at just 234 pounds, short seat height and twist-n-go operation, but also offers performance tweaks like an upswept exhaust and 8.0 horsepower engine.

“The Navi is a moped mixed with a monkey bike, wrapped in a scooter’s clothes” – RideApart

The Navi keeps things simple but customizable with a $1,807 base MSRP plus accessories like storage bags, windshields and more to make it your own. Available colors include Grasshopper Green, Ranger Green, Nut Brown and desert-running Beige.

Overall if you want classic lightweight Honda reliability combined with user-friendly ergonomics, storage space and funky moped styling, the 2023 Navi warrants a test ride. Now let’s examine what performers this mighty mite packs under the hood!

2023 Honda Navi Engine and Performance Specs

2023 honda navi engine and performance specs

Underneath that boxy bodywork, the Navi packs a familiar powertrain for Honda fans:

  • 109cc air-cooled single-cylinder – fuel-injected
  • 6.5 lb-ft torque @ 5,500 RPM
  • Automatic clutchless CVT transmission
  • 3.5 inches of suspension travel

That single-cylinder mill provides ample acceleration from a stop to scoot away from traffic the Navi’s natural habitat. It can cruise comfortably at 40-45 mph making it a nimble machine for urban duties and short trips. Honda doesn’t publish an official 0-60 time or horsepower rating, but owner estimates put the dash from 0 to 30 mph at around 7 seconds.

The real trick enabling the Navi’s easy operation lies in its clutchless CVT transmission. There’s no need for a manual clutch lever or shifting – just jump on, twist the throttle and it smoothly transfers power to the rear wheel. This makes driving incredibly easy, especially in stop-and-go traffic.

Engine109cc air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke
Torque6.5 lb-ft (8.8 Nm)
Bore x Stroke55.0mm x 55.6mm
TransmissionV-Matic automatic CVT
Compression Ratio9.5:1
Suspension Front26.8mm inverted telescopic fork; 4.7-inch travel
Brakes Rear130mm drum; Combined Braking System (CBS)
Brakes Front130mm drum; Combined Braking System (CBS)
Tires Rear90/100-10
Power8.0 horsepower
MSRP Price$1,807
Top SpeedAround 55 mph
Tires Front90/90-12
Valve TrainOHC; two valves per cylinder
Suspension RearSingle shock; 2.8-inch travel
Curb Weight234 lb. (106.1 kg)

How Fast Can a Honda Navi Go? 🏍️💨

Now for that key question – what’s the top speed for the 2023 Navi model?

Published tests indicate the Navi tops out right around 50 mph flat out. Of course your exact max will vary slightly based on cargo, rider weight, tire pressure and wind conditions among other factors. But for the urban jungle or shorter jaunts where it’s most at home, that is plenty quick.

Owners report the front and rear 130mm drum brakes plus the 3.5 inches of front suspension travel provide solid stopping power and bump absorption to handle those faster straightaways confidently. Just don’t expect superbike lean angles!

For context among similar small-displacement rivals, here’s how the Navi compares:

ModelEngineHorsepowerTop Speed
2023 Honda Navi109cc8.0 hp50 mph
Honda Grom124cc9.7 hp~60 mph
Kawasaki Z125 Pro125cc8.3 hp~63-64 mph

So while it gives up a few mph to its 125cc cousins, 8 horses pushes the little Navi right into their speed territory. Not bad for that tiny single-cylinder!

Ergonomics and Rider Fit

Another essential factor in riding comfort and control lies in how well the 2023 Honda Navi fits a range of riders.

Thanks to its class-leading 30.0-inch seat height, it provides a very unintimidating fit for newer drivers while still accommodating larger riders. That low stand-over clearance inspires confidence at stops, yet offers a comfortable knee bend for adequate wind protection underway.

Surprisingly, riders up to 6 foot report finding a comfortable position, which proves quite unique for such a compact motorcycle. The flat, stubby seat measures nearly 28 inches long as well by 25 inches wide, leaving ample room to shift around on longer rides. Plus the wide, dirtbike-style handlebars allow an upright confident stance.

For storage, the Navi features a spacious under-seat storage compartment big enough for a full-face helmet or gym bag. That integrated locker combined with the low seat height help make the Navi an ideal grocery getter or everyday errand machine.

Efficiency and MPG

Any good town runabout needs to be economical at the pumps too. Here the 2023 Honda Navi returns an EPA-estimated 50 mpg thanks to its petite displacement.

Its tiny 0.9 gallon fuel tank means it can travel about 50 miles between fill ups. But it also means you’ll spend barely $5 to refuel, even at today’s prices. That makes the Navi is super-inexpensive to fill and perfect for short urban commutes.

Owners report averaging 50 mpg in mixed riding, which still provides excellent efficiency. By keeping the revs low and avoiding sustained high-speed running, gas mileage readily surpasses 50 mpg. Considering its bargain $1,807 MSRP, the Navi delivers miles of smiles for not much money.

Safety: Brakes, Wheels and Equipment

Helping bring all 50cc’s of fury to a halt, Navi braking hardware offers a balance of easy modulation for new riders with adequate power.

Up front, a 130mm drum brake bites down on the 12-inch wheel. Out back, a 130mm drum brake takes care of business via a conveniently integrated rear foot pedal. ABS is not available, but that helps keep it simple and affordable.

Overall braking duties suit the Navi’s lightweight well, with a responsive, progressive feel ideal for lighter riders and developing skills. Just take it easy in wet conditions where the drum can lock prematurely before the front pad does its job. But on the whole, it delivers confidence and safety for this class of motorcycle.

Rounding out the rolling gear, the Navi runs 12-inch front and 10-inch rear aluminum wheels, ideal for absorbing street imperfections while still easy to turn at low speeds. Tires are shod with efficient, long-lasting Cheng Shin rubber.

For nighttime visibility, a bright multi-reflector headlight handles illumination duties above the tiny round instrument gauge. An integrated brake light and rear turn signals finish off the simple but effective lighting setup.

Available Colors

Helping the 2023 Navi make an eye-catching statement, Honda offers four fun color choices:

  • Nut Brown Metallic 🥜
  • Grasshopper Green 💚
  • Ranger Green 🌲
  • Red 🔴

The rich metallic Nut Brown and bright green Grasshopper colors especially help this little bike stand out in a crowd. And you can always upgrade it with colorful graphics kits or accessories down the road.

Can You Make a Honda Navi Faster? 🏎️

Sure, the Navi may never compete on an autocross course. But that doesn’t mean you can’t tweak this mini machine to enhance acceleration and top speed! Here are popular mods owners implement:

Performance Upgrades

  • Full exhaust system – aftermarket slip-ons add horsepower
  • Air filter kit – improve airflow for optimized combustion
  • Ignition advancer – optimize spark timing for max torque
  • Lightweight battery – reduces weight for better rev response

Honda Navi Top Speed Mods

honda navi top speed mods

While the Navi delivers adequate power for around-town duties out of the box, what if you want to push its straight-line speed even further? Here are some of the most popular mods owners implement specifically to boost top velocity:

Final Drive Sprocket

Swapping the stock rear sprocket for a larger one gives up some low RPM torque, but lets the transmission stay in each gear longer before hitting redline. That extends the rev range to build more speed before needing to upshift. Going up 3-5 extra teeth can often find another 5+ mph according to Navi riders’ estimates.

Full Exhaust Upgrade

Slip-on mufflers like the Yoshimura Alpha and exposed PowerBomb systems help the engine breathe easier to churn out more ponies up top. Owners report around 2 extra horsepower – not huge but enough to see a small speed bump. Plus they sound pretty gnarly for added fun!

ECU Flash Tuning

Getting professional ECU tuning optimizes things like rev limit, air-fuel ratios and ignition timing specifically for top end power instead of low down grunt. Combining a fuel controller with the right transmission tweaks can unlock an extra 5+ mph for riders wanting to push past 60 indicated.

Together or individually, those modifications maximize the Navi’s velocity potential while retaining street-legal emissions compliance. Just don’t expect it to rival modern 600cc supersports! But additional passing power never hurts for riding confidently in all conditions.

Most report seeing indicated speeds up to about 60 mph following those engine upgrades. And they definitely make the Navi more responsive and fun around town.

Gearing Changes

Recalibrating the gear ratios is another way to enhance acceleration or ultimate speed. Opting for a larger rear sprocket sacrifices a little bit of jump off the line, but lets the engine stretch its legs further up top. The opposite applies with smaller front sprockets to optimize low-end torque for quicker starts while limiting top speed.

So it depends what your priorities are – blazing acceleration or a little more straightaway velocity once you’re already rolling. Adjusting the final drive sprocket teeth is an easy DIY job though to put more pep in the Navi’s step.

Pricing and Value

If there’s one thing holding many new riders back from getting started, it’s the high cost of bigger bikes. Well the Honda Navi allays any price-related fears with a thrifty $1,807 MSRP – hundreds less than small displacement competitors from other brands.

Plus Honda sweetens the deal with a lengthy 1-year warranty. That protects new drivers from unexpected headaches as they develop their skills. Combined with millions of miles of proven Honda engine reliability and efficiency, the Navi shapes up as both an easy-riding and money-saving machine.

Destination Charge$190
Total MSRP$1,997
Upgrades & AccessoriesVaries

Owner Reviews

Beyond spec sheets and features, what’s the real-world experience like living with a Honda Navi day to day? Here’s what riders report:

“It’s just simple bare bones transportation, but still fun to ride. I use it to run errands around town all week long and fill up like once a month!” – Sam B., Ohio

Owners widely praise the Navi’s ease-of-use as an unintimidating runabout thanks to the automatic clutch. The storage compartment earns accolades for fitting a helmet or some grocery bags as well. Taller riders specifically appreciate the generous seat height and ability to stretch out a bit.

In terms of downsides, the stiff suspension and smaller wheels don’t absorb bumps that well. So longer rides or poorly maintained roads can get jarring over time. The lack of ABS is a trade-off as well, especially for wet weather. And a few riders wish for just a touch more power for highway use, though most recognize that’s not the Navi’s core purpose.

On the whole for zipping around town, short errand-running or entry level track duty, Navi owners give it high marks. Just know its limitations going in for a rewarding low-cost riding experience.

“It just looks fun and Honda reliability means I don’t have to worry. Awesome value new rider bike!” – Daniel T., California

For many looking to get started on two wheels or add affordable backup transportation to the garage, the friendly Navi delivers on that in spades.

Key Reasons to Buy the 2023 Honda Navi

  • Ultra-low 30.0-inch seat height welcomes new riders
  • Twist & go simplicity of clutchless CVT
  • Spacious under-seat storage compartment
  • Bulletproof Honda reliability and quality
  • Excellent gas mileage – 50 mpg
  • Full 3 year warranty from Honda

Reasons to Think Twice About Buying

  • Lacks ABS for maximum wet weather safety
  • Stiff suspension not ideal for long distances
  • Styling is a bit unconventional
  • Underpowered for extended highway use

Verdict: Who is the Honda Navi For?

If all that speeds-and-specs information proves one thing, it’s that perspective rules the day. Sure, for some riders accustomed to liter-class fire breathers, a 50 mph top speed lacks thrill. But for newer drivers or anyone seeking cheap, unintimidating wheels for around-town trips, that’s plenty quick.

The friendly ergonomics, storage space and 50 mpg efficiency further expand this mighty mini moto’s utility beyond just recreation. Ultimately if you want classic Honda quality in a cost-effective, easy-riding package, the Navi delivers smiles for miles. It keeps the pure essence of motorcycling’s freedom and joy intact no matter how fast or far you ride.


The 2023 Honda Navi may appear an underpowered toy at first glance – but its approachable size and surprising acceleration makes it the perfect urban mobility machine. With rider-friendly ergonomics, a spacious under-seat storage compartment and up to 50 mpg fuel efficiency, it retains that motorcycling spirit while keeping running costs miniscule.

For new riders or anyone seeking affordable transportation with a fun factor the Navi shines thanks to Honda’s proven quality and reliability too. While no straight-line speed demon, upgrades can readily boost power for quicker dashes around town.

So whether you’re tempted by this mighty mite’s unintimidating fit, thrifty $1,807 price or head-turning style, take the agile and amicable 2023 Honda Navi for a spin. Those big smiles at tiny proportions may just make it your perfect match.

Ride safe and have fun!

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