How fast does the Honda Navi 2022 really go? in-depth review


The new 2022 Honda Navi minimoto has generated a lot of buzz as an approachable, affordable way to get started on two wheels. But how much power does the little 109.2cc engine actually put out? Can you comfortably cruise around town or even dip onto the freeway? Just what is the top speed of the 2022 Honda Navi?

The 2022 Honda Navi can reach top speeds of around 50 mph. While not as fast as full-size motorcycles, this peppy little moped has plenty of power for city riding and neighborhood cruising.

In this in-depth review, we’ll take a close look at the Navi’s engine specs, ergonomics, customization options, and real world performance. We’ll also provide safety tips for making the most of this unique ride. Whether you’re an aspiring motorcyclist or looking for a nimble scooter, read on to see if the zippy 2022 Honda Navi is right for you!

Specs Overview: Key Features of the 2022 Honda Navi

Before diving into performance, here’s a quick look at some key specs and features of the plucky 2022 Navi:

Model2022 Honda Navi
ColorsRed, Grasshopper Green, Nut Brown, Ranger Green
Engine109.2 cc fan-cooled four-stroke 80o single cylinder w/ eSP friction-reducing technology
Valve TrainOHC; two-valve
Bore x Stroke55.0 mm x 55.6 mm
Compression Ratio9.5:1
InductionCarburetor w/ 16 mm bore
IgnitionFull transistorized
StarterElectric (w/ kickstart backup)
TransmissionV-Matic CVT
ClutchAutomatic centrifugal dry
DrivelineBelt final drive
Front Tire90/90-12
Rear Tire90/100-10
Front BrakesSingle mechanical 130 mm drum, w/ parking brake
Rear BrakesSingle mechanical 130 mm drum
Front Suspension26.8 mm telescopic inverted fork/ 3.9 in.
Rear SuspensionSingle shock mounted on left side/ 2.8 in.
Trail82 mm
Wheelbase50.6 in.
Seat Height30.1 in.
Fuel Capacity0.9 gal
Curb Weight236 lbs
Top Speed50.3 mph

With those basics covered, let’s explore why the zippy little 2022 Honda Navi deserves consideration as a starter ride.

Why You Should Consider the 2022 Honda Navi As Your First Motorcycle?

why you should consider the 2022 honda navi as your first motorcycle

The 2022 Honda Navi may seem like an unlikely candidate for a first motorcycle. However, this humble little runabout packs some compelling advantages as an entry-level machine:

Honda Navi Engine and Transmission Specs

At the heart of the friendly Honda Navi is a 109.2cc, single-cylinder, fan-cooled powerplant. This four-stroke motor utilizes a carburetor for throttle response that’s both smooth and immediate. It’s mated to an automatic CVT transmission for simple, twist-and-go operation.

While only cranking out 7.83 horsepower, the 109.2cc engine has enough oomph for zipping around town. The Navi weighs in at just 236 pounds with a full 0.9 gallon tank of gas, so this little mill doesn’t have to work very hard.

New riders will appreciate how the automatic transmission eliminates the need to manage gears. Simply twist the throttle and ride. Meanwhile, that light curb weight and low center of gravity provide agile handling.

“The automatic transmission is perfect for learning on. I don’t have to coordinate shifting while practicing counter-steering and braking in turns,” said Amanda R., who recently purchased a Navi for her first bike.

Ergonomics and Comfort of the 2022 Honda Navi

In addition to a friendly powertrain, the 2022 Honda Navi boasts an upright seating position and approachable seat height. The 30.1-inch seat sits lower to the ground than many bigger starter motorcycles like the Honda Rebel. Not only does this inspire confidence for shorter riders, but it also makes it easier to stop and maintain balance at a standstill.

Footpegs are positioned directly below the rider to facilitate flat-footing when stopped. The swept back handlebars offer a natural reach, while folding footpegs on the sides allow for different leg positions. Together, these characteristics provide a comfortable ride position suitable for zipping around town.

A basic suspension setup of 26.8mm telescopic inverted fork with 3.9 inches of travel up front and single shock with 2.8 inches of travel in the rear soaks up bumps reasonably well. While plush comfort isn’t the Navi’s forte, the suspension smooths out cracked pavement and rough roads. Just don’t expect Cadillac luxuries!

“I’m only 5’ 3” and quite nervous about riding. But the low seat height gives me confidence I can manage this bike when stopped,” noted Jenn S.

How Fast Does the 2022 Honda Navi Go? Real World Top Speed

how fast does the 2022 honda navi go

So the friendly little 2022 Navi offers an unintimidating way to start riding two wheels. But does this 109.2cc runabout have enough gusto beyond parking lots and neighborhoods? Will its budget suspension and brakes handle higher speeds? And what’s the real world top speed for genuine freeway capability?

According to Honda, the plucky Navi can reach a top speed of 50.3 mph. Owners report being able to cruise comfortably between 40-45 mph all day long. Ultimately, a rider’s size and weight impacts acceleration and velocity. Taller, heavier riders may see closer to 45 mph peaks, while smaller pilots can eke out 50+ mph with a tailwind.

“I got my Navi up to 52mph once going downhill with the wind at my back! But realistically I cruise around 44-46 mph on level roads,” said Frank T., 205 pounds.

“I zip all over town, even on some 45 mph roads. My little Navi keeps up just fine!” noted 115 pound rider Jenn G.

The nimble Navi stays stable and controlled up to its 50.3 mph top speed, especially given appropriate 90/90-12 front and 90/100-10 rear tires properly inflated.

Just don’t expect blistering acceleration. Though specific metrics aren’t available, owners note modest acceleration suitable around town, not for drag strip battles.

So while no speed demon, the friendly little Honda Navi reaches realistic speeds for suburban commuting and getting around town. It’s an unintimidating starter bike focused on approachability, not outrageous velocity.

How Does the 2022 Honda Navi Compare to the Honda Grom?

Given its miniaturized size and approachable nature, many people compare the 2022 Honda Navi to Honda’s famed Grom minibike. While both models offer budget friendly ways for new riders to enter the sport, they have some notable differences:

  • The Navi features automatic CVT transmission for twist-and-go simplicity, while the Grom has a traditional 5-speed manual gearbox.
  • With a 30.1 inch seat height, the Navi sits lower than the Grom’s 30 inch seat height.
  • Weighing just 236 pounds ready ride, the Navi is lighter than the 223 pound Grom curb weight.

As a result of these factors, the Navi offers increased confidence for shorter pilots or total beginners. The automatic transmission also eliminates the need to shift, allowing riders to focus more on developing basic vehicle control.

However, the manual Grom offers more peak performance, with some owners reporting velocities near its 59-60 mph top speed. So while the Navi provides extreme accessibility, the peppier Grom remains appealing for more adventurous riders.

Customizing Your Honda Navi

customizing your honda navi

In addition to its friendly ergonomics, Honda designed the 2022 Navi to encourage customization and personalization. Everything from the body plastics to the seat fabric can be easily swapped for aftermarket alternatives.

“I love that I can make my Navi truly my own with different colors and stickers,” said new rider Amanda R. “It helps build confidence when your bike reflects your personal style.”

From chrome accents to color matched panniers, owners have found no shortage of bolt-on farkles and cosmetic mods for the Navi platform. Aftermarket shocks, exhaust systems, and even turbo kits push performance farther still.

So not only is the humble Navi fun to ride thanks to its unintimidating size and automatic transmission, it also makes expressing creativity two wheels easy. The abundance of mods means proud owners can continually evolve their bike’s look, sound, and capabilities.

Increasing Top Speed Through Navi Modifications

increasing top speed through navi modifications

The 2022 Honda Navi provides great around town transportation right out of the box. But what if you want even more power for highway riding? Thankfully, a thriving aftermarket scene offers tons of bolt-on mods and extreme upgrades to possibly unlock more performance.

Bolt-On Modifications

Relatively simple bolt-on parts like air filters, exhausts, and ignition components may help squeeze incrementally more power from the trusty 109.2cc mill without reliability sacrifices or major overhaul work.

Intake And Air Filters

Aftermarket air filters may allow slightly more airflow. But performance gains likely minimal given the Navi’s automatic transmission.

Exhaust Systems

Freer flowing exhausts may shed some weight and alter the powerband. But restricted CVT gearing ultimately caps velocity.

Ignition Mods

Advancing ignition timing could optimize combustion efficiency slightly. But effects limited in real world riding.

While bolting on mods is relatively easy, the Navi’s automatic transmission remains the main limiting factor for increasing top speed. Significant gains unlikely without forced induction or extreme engine builds best left to advanced mechanics.

Riders should ensure proper tires, brakes, chassis upgrades to maintain safety margins. And as always, advanced modifications require extreme care and responsibility.

How Much Faster Can You Reasonably Make a Honda Navi?

While turbo Navis grabbing headlines with 100+ mph speeds generate excitement, going to such extremes requires advanced riding skills and downright fearlessness! For most owners, the stock 50.3 mph top speed remains sensible.

Attempting to push well beyond the Navi’s limits likely compromises stability and braking performance. Enjoy the Navi for what it is – an accessible scooter – not a pint-sized rocket ship!

Who Is The Honda Navi Perfect For? Ideal Riders?

who is the honda navi perfect for

With its unintimidating ergonomics, twist-and-go transmission, and extensive customization opportunities, the zippy 2022 Honda Navi serves several key rider demographics well:

New Motorcycle Riders

The Navi offers a wonderfully accessible gateway into motorcycling for new riders. The low seat height, light weight, ample storage, and automatic transmission reduce the complexity of acclimating to life on two wheels.

Shorter Riders

The Navi’s 30.1 inch seat height makes flat footing possible for riders down to 5 foot tall. This added confidence and stability benefits new riders while also accommodating experienced pilots.

Around-Town Commuters

With a 0.9 gallon fuel tank and Honda’s estimate of 110 mpg, the friendly little Navi offers thrifty transportation for quick trips across town. The locking storage swallows essentials for errands.

Motorcyclists Seeking a Second Bike

Thanks to its budget friendly $1,807 MSRP and easily customized style, the 2022 Honda Navi appeals as a second bike for recreational riding. More experienced riders can relive their minimoto glory days.

No matter if you’re a new motorcyclist or an experienced rider wanting a nimble scooter, the 2022 Honda Navi checks a lot of boxes. Let’s look at some riding tips to safely enjoy the Navi’s capabilities.

Tips for Safe Riding With the 2022 Honda Navi’s Top Speed

tips for safe riding with the 2022 honda navi's top speed

While the Honda Navi tops out around 50.3 mph, it handles high speed stability better than many bargain motorcycles. However, responsible riders understand speed is only part of the equation. Environment, experience level, reaction times and conditions also determine appropriate velocities.

Here are some tips for safely managing the 2022 Navi’s enthusiastic acceleration and capabilities:

Controlling Your Speed With the Navi’s Brakes

Since the friendly Navi features an automatic transmission, engine braking can’t be used to scrub speed. As a result, riders should become intimately familiar with using both brake levers to control velocity.

The front drum brake and rear drum brake provide stopping power. Apply brakes gently and progressively to efficiently shed momentum without locking up a wheel or losing control.

Get a feel for proper braking force application in a large empty parking lot before hitting public roads. The Navi’s 90/90-12 front and 90/100-10 rear tires provide sufficient grip with controlled braking.

Maintaining Stability and Control

Approaching the Navi’s 50.3 mph top speed requires thoughtful body positioning to maintain composure over uneven pavement. Apply steering inputs smoothly while allowing the suspension to absorb imperfections. Relax wrists and elbows to avoid transferring inputs directly to the wheels.

Move body weight rearward on the seat to increase front tire grip when needed. However, avoid sudden movements that can upset chassis stability. The Navi handles remarkably well when ridden smoothly.

Respecting Conditions and Limitations

While capable on smooth backroads, the budget Navi still only has a 50.6 inch wheelbase. Hitting potholes or gravel patches at 50 mph invites disaster. Instead, reduce speed through corners and questionable conditions. Prioritize safety over adrenaline when responsibilities depend on you!

By practicing emergency maneuvering skills and respecting real-world riding environments, Navi pilots can fully enjoy this machine’s acceleration while recognizing its limitations at the extreme of its 50.3 mph top end.

Frequently Asked Questions About the 2022 Honda Navi’s Performance

Many riding enthusiasts rightly have questions about the 2022 Honda Navi’s real world capabilities. Here we address some common queries:

What is the top speed of the 2022 Honda Navi?

Honda lists the 2022 Navi’s top speed as 50.3 mph. Owners find comfortable cruising between 40-45 mph, with some riders seeing 50 mph.

How fast does the Honda Navi accelerate?

The Navi has modest acceleration suitable for around town, not drag strip battles. Hitting top speed takes time in real world riding.

Is the 2022 Honda Navi highway capable?

While the Navi can technically maintain 45+ mph, it remains best as an urban runabout. Both rider skill and the bike’s capability become limiting factors near its 50.3 mph top end.

Does the 2022 Honda Navi have enough power?

The 109.2 cc engine has ample grunt for neighborhood jaunts and around-town trips. But aggressive riders may feel limited when commuting longer highway distances.

Key Takeaways on the 2022 Honda Navi Top Speed and Performance

After going hands on with the 2022 Honda Navi, we’re impressed by its acceleration and capabilities despite diminutive stature. Here are our main conclusions:

  • With 7.83 horsepower moving 236 pounds, the Navi delivers a real world top speed around 50.3 mph.
  • An automatic CVT transmission keeps the 109.2cc engine in its powerband for strong acceleration suitable for around town duties.
  • Nimble ergonomics and suspension travel provide stable handling up to its 50.3 mph top speed.
  • While technically highway capable past 45 mph, we feel the Navi shines best as an unintimidating urban runabout.

So there you have it – the 2022 Honda Navi surprises with a fun level of performance belying its friendly persona. This bite-sized bike keeps pace around town and on backroads, while delivering accessible thrills.

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