Husqvarna 701 Supermoto Top Speed, Acceleration & Performance

Husqvarna 701 Supermoto Top Speed

The aggressive styling and throaty exhaust note of the Husqvarna 701 Supermoto turns heads whenever it rolls up. This lightweight machine blends top shelf components with a high revving single cylinder engine to deliver an intoxicating mix of race-bred handling and vigorous acceleration.

But with its upright stance and motard inspired design, what kind of real world speed and performance can riders expect from the 701 Supermoto?

While Husqvarna doesn’t publish an official top speed figure, owners consistently report hitting indicated speeds around 120 mph during max acceleration runs. That’s plenty quick for real world use but well short of true superbikes.

This article will explore what gives the 701 Supermoto its sharp handling and willingness to push boundaries, while also looking at factors limiting its top end velocity. We’ll scope out the competion too and look at simple mods to eke out even more.

Specific aspects covered include:

  • 701 Supermoto key specs and features
  • Determining realistic top speed expectations
  • How it compares to rival models
  • Factors limiting faster speeds
  • Best performance modifications
  • 5 Pros and Cons of the 701 Supermoto
  • Owner impressions – likes and dislikes
  • Top alternative Supermoto options

So whether an experienced rider looking to maximize 701 performance or a newcomer curious about its real world abilities, read on for an in-depth examination!

Husqvarna 701 Supermoto – Specs and Features

Before diving into speed and power capabilities, let’s look at some key specs and components comprising this lightning fast Husky:

Dry Weight324 lbs (147 kg)
Engine692.7 cc, four-stroke, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, SOHC
Torque54 lb-ft (73.5 Nm) at 6,500 rpm
Tank capacity (approx.)13 l
Ground clearance238 mm
Seat height35.8 in (890 mm)
Steering head angle63.6°
Price$12,999 USD / $13999 CAD
Power74 hp (55 kW) at 8,000 rpm
Displacement692.7 cm3
Top speedAround 120 mph
0-60 mph3.6 seconds

With a powerful 74 horsepower engine spinning up a lightweight, flickable chassis, the 701 Supermoto seems built for speed right out of the box. Next we’ll look at what that translates to in terms of real world top speed.

Determining The True Top Speed Of A 701 Supermoto

determining the true top speed of a 701 supermoto

While superbikes touting 180+ horsepower can hit certified speeds exceeding 175 mph, achieving a similar velocity with the 701 SM would require a very long straightaway and a disregard for personal safety!

Instead, a more realistic peak speed owners report is in the area of 120 mph – and that’s with a full tuck, proper run-up, and a steep enough grade.

There are several limiting factors keeping this upright machine from reaching higher speeds, including:


The high bars and upright rider positioning creates substantial aerodynamic drag at speed. Laying flat atop a sportbike cuts through the air much more efficiently.


While quick accelerating, Husqvarna gears the SM for optimal performance at legal speeds, not maximum velocity. Redline in top gear is reached around 120 mph.


74 bhp is respectable for a middleweight but a far cry from the 180+ hp superbikes push. More power equals more speed potential.


At just 147 kg ready to ride, the 701 SM is by no means portly. But heavier machines like large touring bikes often have higher top speeds.

Now that we’ve established realistic speed expectations, next we’ll see how the 701 compares to key industry rivals.

Speed and Power Comparison – Key Competitors

The 701 SM faces stiff competion from other middleweight hooligan machines like KTM’s 690 SMC R and Ducati’s Hypermotard 950. Here’s how they stack up stats-wise:

BikeEngineHPWeightTop Speed
Husqvarna 701 SM693cc74hp147 kg120 mph
KTM 690 SMC R693cc73.7hp306lbs124 mph
Ducati Hypermotard 950937cc114hp178kg139+ mph

The KTM and Husky share the same engine and chassis configuration, thus top speed is identical. And while the Ducati boasts 40 more horses, its extra heft still keeps terminal velocity around 139 mph – fast but not substantially quicker in real world riding.

Boosting The 701 Supermoto’s Speed

boosting the 701 supermoto's speed

While 120 mph abosultely blazing on public roads, that likely won’t stop owners from wringing out every last drop of performance. Here are two simple mods to safely elevate top speed:

Tooth Up Front Sprocket – Adding 1-2 teeth up front effectively raises overall gearing, pushing revs (and speed) higher in each cog before hitting the limiter. Just be mindful of acceleration trade offs.

Derestrict Airbox – Uncorking the airbox allows more airflow for max horsepower. Easy to do and adds several mph while only marginally impacting emissions.

More aggressive options like a full exhaust system, camshaft, and ECU tune yield more peak power but drastically raise costs and may impact reliability. Keep that warranty intact!

Now let’s shift gears and run through some key pros and cons associated with Husqvarna’s fierce 701 SM.

5 Pros of the Husqvarna 701 Supermoto

  1. Agile Handling – Nimble chassis and wide bars make slicing through city traffic or attacking backroads a blast.
  2. Strong Acceleration – 74 horses pushing just 324 lbs (147 kg) creates a power to weight ratio that sticks gas tank pads firmly to backs under hard acceleration. Wheelies become second nature!
  3. Surefooted Braking – Top spec Brembo binders and advanced ABS keeps the SM stable during aggressive slowing.
  4. Upright Ergonomics – High bars and spacious rider triangle reduces fatigue whether bombing through the canyons or simply running errands about town.
  5. Customization Potential – Aftermarket parts like exhaust, intake, tuners etc combined with the adjustable chassis makes this Husky uniquely yours.

5 Cons Of The Husqvarna 701 Supermoto

  1. Limited Wind Protection – The upright stance and minimal bodywork provides little shelter at highway speeds making long slogs fatiguing.
  2. Seat Comfort – Large single-piece saddle looks stylish but proves a bit unforgiving over time, especially for shorter-legged riders. Aftermarket options or gel pad improves comfort.
  3. Hefty Price Tag – With an MSRP of $12,999 USD , the SM doesn’t come cheap but still represents a performance bargain compared to European rivals.
  4. Short Range – A 13-liter tank and efficient engine equates to a fuel range of around 171 miles. This allows for longer rides without frequent gas stops. However, spirited riding might reduce this range, so plan your gas stops accordingly.
  5. Unforgiving Clutch – The hydraulic clutch proves snatchy in traffic and tough to finesse for newer riders. An aftermarket lever helps smooth engagement.

Now that we’ve covered both pros and cons, let’s look at actual owner impressions…

What Husqvarna 701 Supermoto Owners Say:

what husqvarna 701 supermoto owners say

“Way more power than needed but so fun winding it out and hitting 120 mph on straight stretches – stays planted the whole way!”

“I added gearing and a full exhaust and the SM just rips now…wheelies in 3 gears!”

“The seat looks cool but feels awful after 30 minutes of riding. Swapped it for an aftermarket one right away.”

“Super nimble and flickable but did get pushed around by cross winds on the highway.”

“Brakes and suspension better than my last super sport – stops and handles amazingly well for how fast it is.”

Clearly owners find the 701 Supermoto wicked fast while noting the common tradeoffs in comfort and wind protection inherent in its lightweight design and minimal bodywork.

For riders wanting even more top end speed in a similar format, what are some alternatives to consider?

Top Supermoto Alternatives by Displacement

Kawasaki KLX300SM

This beginner friendly 292cc single cylinder machine can hit an actual 85 mph thanks to its light 304 pounds pound weight. A great way to start riding supermotos at an affordable price.

Husqvarna FS450

Husky’s high strung 450cc motocross engine stuffed into supermoto trim and a svelte 237 lbs chassis lets this machine hit an unofficial 105 mph in the right conditions. Race ready performance and razor sharp handling.


Virtually identical to the 701 SM aside from graphics and suspension bits, the SMC R shares the same 693cc Single cylinder, chassis dimensions and weight – thus similar 125 mph top speed but even quicker steering and handling due to reduced inertia.

Ducati Hypermotard 950 SP

Ducati’s übermotard pumps out a stout 114 horsepower from its beefy 937cc Testastretta engine, launching its 436 lb bulk to around 176 mph given enough tarmac. Higher spec Öhlins suspension sharpens an already agile chassis.


While the Husqvarna 701 Supermoto may lack the acceleration of a true superbike or the terminal velocity to join 200+ mph club, its real-world performance still proves exhilarating for even experienced riders.

Capable of effortlessly hitting 120 mph, there’s more than enough speed potential to both thrill and get drivers into serious trouble in the blink of an eye. Respect the machine by wearing full safety gear and progressing carefully as skills improve. Stay alert to road hazards at all times – obstacles can approach very quickly at triple digit pace!

But for those seeking a machine home both carving canyons and slicing through traffic alike, the 701 SM delivers an unforgettable riding experience matched by few in its class.

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