husqvarna 701 top speed – Just How Fast Can This Really Go?

husqvarna 701 top speed

The Husqvarna 701 Supermoto delivers an intoxicating mix of high-performance thrills and agile handling. With its street-focused tires, lightweight chassis, and torquey single-cylinder motor, this maxi-motard seems purpose-built for carved apexes and urban assault.

But what’s the true top speed potential of the 701 Supermoto? How does this 73.8 horsepower machine stack up to rivals when the road straightens out? Can mods and gearing tweaks eke out some more top end?

The Husqvarna 701 Supermoto is geared tall and optimized for real-world acceleration over peak velocity. Even so, riders report seeing 120+ mph in ideal conditions. While not the fastest in its class, there’s still plenty of high-speed thrill-seeking to be had from this mighty thumper.

In this detailed review, we’ll dig into the 701 Supermoto’s horsepower specs, gearing, and real-world top speed capabilities. We’ll see how mods can unlock even more speed, and how the Husky compares to key big single rivals. Time to pin the throttle and find out if this Husqvarna has the legs to run with the pack!

Husqvarna 701 Supermoto Model Overview

First, let’s run through a quick overview of the key specs and features that define the Husqvarna 701 Supermoto:

Husqvarna 701 Supermoto Key Specs:

Engine692.7cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke
Bore x stroke105 mm x 80 mm
Compression ratio13.5:1
ValvetrainSOHC, four-valve
FuelingKeihin EMS with RBW, twin ignition
Power73.8 horsepower
Torque54 lb-ft (73.5 Nm) @ 6,500 rpm
Front suspensionWP APEX 48/ 8.5 inches (215 mm)
Rear suspensionWP APEX with Pro-Lever linkage/ 9.4 inches (240 mm)
Front brake320 mm Brembo four-piston radial fixed caliper
Rear brake240mm Brembo single-piston floating caliper
Front tire120/70 ZR 17
Rear tire160/60 ZR 17
Rake / trail24° / 112 mm (4.4 inches)
Seat height35 in (890 mm)
Wheelbase58.3 in (1482 mm)
Dry Weight324 pounds (147 kg)
Fuel capacity3.4 gal (13 liters)

With class-leading WP suspension, Brembo binders, and sticky Maxxis rubber wrapping the lightweight trellis frame and subframe, the 701 Supermoto definitely has the performance potential to run. Now let’s look at how all those ponies get transferred to the pavement.

Engine, Transmission, And Gearing Tuned For Performance

engine, transmission, and gearing tuned for performance

At the heart of the 701 Supermoto lies its fuel-injected, 692.7cc thumper. This SOHC four-valve single features a beefy 105 mm bore and short, 80mm stroke to yield the oversquare configuration optimal for high-rev performance. With a high 13.5:1 compression ratio and aggressive cams, the 701 motor churns out a healthy 73.8 horsepower along with 54 lb-ft (73.5 Nm) of torque arriving at 6,500 rpm.

Interestingly, while the 701 platform originated from parent company KTM’s 690 Duke, engineers specifically tuned this iteration toward increased performance on tarmac versus off-road use. As such, the engine loves to spin up through the rev range. Power builds steadily into the midrange then truly comes on song once the tach swings past 6,000. There’s usable thrust down low, but things get really fun once that big 692.7cc single hits its stride up high.

Delivering the power to the Maxxis meats comes courtesy of a smooth-shifting six-speed transmission working in conjunction with an advanced PASC anti-hop slipper clutch. This system prevents the rear wheel from chattering during hard downshifts, especially useful when chasing apexes in the canyons. Husqvarna also offers an optional Quickshifter+ that facilitates full-throttle upshifts without needing to back off the throttle or operate the clutch.

Gearing plays a big role in optimizing either top speed or acceleration for real world conditions. Here, Husqvarna opted for a fairly tall final drive ratio geared more for canyon carving and around-town riding over top speed runs. While not extreme enough to hamper highway cruising, the gear ratios focus on keeping the engine squarely in the powerband during aggressive backroad riding.

The savvy engineers effectively traded a bit of ultimate top end performance for increased flexibility and urgent thrust when exiting corners. There’s still enough leeway to comfortably cruise at 80+ mph, but the transmission ratios optimize for keeping revs up in the 6,000 to 9,000 range where this big single truly sings.

Chassis And Suspension Ready For Performance Riding

Harnessing all that engine performance calls for a stout chassis and suspension package – here’s where the 701 Supermoto truly shines. The main frame comprises a lightweight yet rigid steel trellis design working in conjunction with an aluminum subframe. Suspension components come supplied by premium tuner WP, long renowned in competitive off-road racing circles.

Front Suspension

Up front, beefy 48 mm inverted WP forks offer a generous 8.5 inches (215 mm) of wheel travel to soak up bumps and ripples in the road.

Rear Suspension

Out back, a WP APEX with Pro-Lever linkage handles damping duties with 9.4 inches (240 mm) of travel. This lets owners fine tune the 701 Supermoto’s rear ride height and damping characteristics to match their individual riding style, payload, and road conditions.


Slowing things down falls on the proven stopping power of Brembo’s excellent Monobloc calipers chomping on a single 320 mm disc up front. A single 240 mm rotor out back matches nicely to provide plenty of stopping force without unsettling the chassis.

Finally, the Maxxis Supermaxx ST tires deliver aggressive grip and stability across a variety of conditions. Their rounded profile strikes an ideal compromise for sport riding – responsive and quick turning yet stable across uneven road surfaces.

Add in premium features like switchable ABS and lean-sensitive traction control working through the ride-by-wire throttle system and you have a thoroughly modern performance package. One ready to transform the big single’s prodigious power into grins across the tachometer range.

What Kind of Top Speed Does the 701 Really Deliver?

what kind of top speed does the 701 really deliver

So when it comes time to wind out through the gears, what kind of real world top speed can 701 Supermoto riders expect? Online owner forums and YouTube tests shed some light on the bike’s true velocity potential.

While Husqvarna doesn’t publish an “official” top speed figure, most owners report seeing indicated speeds ranging between 120 and 125 mph given ideal conditions. This makes sense as the transmission gearing seems optimized for performance from a standing start up through highway velocities versus max speed chasing.

The motorcycle’s aerodynamics and lightweight trellis frame also likely start working against stability and composure much beyond 125 mph. Riders do report the front tend to feel a bit floaty as speeds exceed 115 mph or so.

But that doesn’t mean this Husky can’t stretch its legs when called upon. Comparisons to other popular big thumpers show the Husqvarna churning out very competitive acceleration numbers. The peaky power delivery focused between 6,000 to 9,000 rpm means the 701 Supermoto really starts pulling once above 80 mph.

So there’s still plenty of high speed thrill-seeking potential on tap even if you run out of gearing before hitting 130+. Owners praise the big single for its towering thrust through the mid-range – great for rocketing out of corners or instant freeway passing power. The oversquare engine configuration favored by Husqvarna engineers means revs keep building speed all the way to the 10,000 rpm redline.

While top speed addicts may want a taller 6th gear to see velocities approaching 140 mph, there’s already more than enough motor for spirited public road riding. Husqvarna clearly optimized this maxi-motard platform for carving up winding backroads rather than hunting down top speed records.

Gearing Limits and Power Mods – Extracting More Speed from the 701 Supermoto

gearing limits and power mods - extracting more speed from the 701 supermoto

Most owners report being extremely happy with the motorcycle’s flexible power delivery and transmission gear spacing for backroad blasts. But what about those looking to tweak a bit more top speed from the 693cc thumper? Let’s look at potential drive ratio swaps and engine tuning options to see how much more velocity can be extracted from this Husky.

Gearing Changes for More Top Speed

One popular upgrade is simply swapping the 15-tooth front sprocket for either a 14 or 13-tooth gear. Combined with the stock 46-tooth rear, this drops final drive ratio anywhere from 3.14 to 3.53 (down from 3.73). The tradeoff comes in slightly reduced acceleration off the bottom end. But owners switching to a 13-tooth front report seeing top speed rise to over 130 mph on the speedo.

For most, the small loss of jump off the line proves worthwhile to gain an additional 5-10 mph up top. Just ensure to adjust chain slack any time altering gear spacing. An aftermarket adjustable rear-set linkage also facilitates fine tuning gear ratios.

ECU Tuning Unleashes More Power

The 701 motor leaves the factory fairly lean to meet emissions. This leaves some safe power gains on the table for those willing to tweak engine mapping parameters. Aftermarket engine control modules from Race Tech, MotoGP Werks, and others allow revising the fueling and ignition timing maps to dial in significant mid-range and top end gains.

Owners report ECU mods delivering 8-10 additional peak horsepower when properly tuned. Gains come mostly from 6,000 rpm on up so acceleration gets a healthy bump along with potential top speed. Just ensure proper dyno tuning and fueling adjustments any time raising performance limits.

Exhaust upgrades like Akrapovic and SC Project slip-ons also yield minor power bumps, though mandatory EPA noise restrictions on new bikes limit potential gains. Still, a full high performance exhaust system combined with ECU mapping can reasonably deliver almost 80 hp to the rear wheel – not bad for a big single!

So while the stock 701 Supermoto may give up a few ticks in ultimate top end speed to its hottest rivals, there’s definitely room to tweak a bit more velocity from this thrilling ride.

How Does the 701 Supermoto Stack Up to Other Big Singles?

Husqvarna positions the Supermoto 701 to compete head-to-head with other aggressive big single models like KTM’s 690 Duke R and Ducati’s Hypermotard 950. So how does this motorcycle compare when the throttle gets pinned?

The KTM 690 Duke R offers a very close point of comparison being powered by effectively the same LC4 thumper. But with slightly less aggressive cams and ECU mapping, it falls just a few ponies shy of the Husky at 70 hp. The Duke R sees similar real world top speed – owners report hitting about 120 mph given ideal conditions. Same goes for the torquier, slightly heavier Ducati Hyper 950 motard. With claimed power of 114 hp but more weight to haul around, its top speed potential also lands around 123 mph or so.

In terms of all out acceleration contests, some comparos give the nod to the Husqvarna by a nose. The transmission gearing optimized for canyon riding combined with advanced electronics like traction control help the 701 put its power down from corner exit through the rev range. So while rivals may show higher peak numbers on the dyno printout, the Husky likely feels punchier through the real world powerband.

No matter how you slice it, the Husqvarna 701 Supermoto competes head-to-head with the hottest performers in the big thumper class. It represents an incredibly fun, agile, and powerful option whether bombing through the canyons or heading out on a cross city adventure ride.

The Thrilling Husqvarna 701 Supermoto – Pros and Cons

After taking a deep dive look into the 701 Supermoto’s specifications, transmission, chassis, real world acceleration, and top speed, let’s recap some pros and cons:


  • Potent low rpm torque through mid-range punch and crackling top end performance
  • Agile handling and high grip pavement bias make this Husky shine when roads turn twisty
  • Strong brakes and fully adjustable premium suspension smooth out rough tarmac
  • Advanced electronics and ride-by-wire throttle aid acceleration
  • Engine upgrades and gearing mods can add even more top end speed


  • Tall seat and front-biased ergos not ideal for shorter riders
  • Minimal wind protection and vibey motor mean highway blasts get tiring
  • Costs a premium over Japanese rivals
  • Not quite as fast on the top end as the hottest V-twin/triple rivals

While not perfect, the thoughtful engineering and design that went into the 701 Supermoto clearly optimized the bike’s performance potential for carving up winding roads rather than chasing top speed records. Judged by those metrics, the Husqvarna represents a uniquely thrilling ride.

What Owners Say About the Husqvarna 701 Supermoto

Positive owner reviews praise the 701 Supermoto as a bike that delivers massive smiles per mile when ridden in its element – fast and flowing tarmac. The torquey motor, agile handling, and balanced suspension come together to offer an intensely fun canyon carver. Taller riders especially appreciate the leg and body room afforded by Husqvarna’s standing racer ergonomics.

Here’s what satisfied owners say they love about the 701 Supermoto:

“Awesome power deliver in the mid-range and top end. Just wants you to twist the throttle more!”

“Super flickable yet stable handling through the tight and twisty stuff – so much fun!”

“The adjustable WP suspension is fantastic. Handles my sloppy lines and mid-corner bumps with ease.”

“Quality scream up high, super smooth down low. Love the character of the big single.”

In terms of downsides, shorter riders report struggling to confidently manage the bike’s 35″ / 890mm seat height at stops. The thumper motor also starts emitting some unpleasant vibration past 8,000 rpm that can numb extremities on longer rides. And wind protection proves minimal at highway speeds.

Here’s what owners identify as potential drawbacks on the 701 Supermoto:

“Tall seat and front-loaded weight make it tough for me to manage confidently at a stop.”

“My hands go numb after 30 minutes from engine vibration.”

“Loud windblast and very little wind protection on the freeway.”

“Couldn’t compete with my buddy’s Ducati V-twin above 120 mph.”

So while certainly not suited for long distance touring duties, when kept closer to its natural backroad habitat the 701 Supermoto delivers smile after smile.

Two Alternatives to Consider

For riders considering alternatives in the maxi-motard class, two bikes worth a look include:

KTM 690 Duke R

Very similar bike with the same LC4 motor. Slightly less powerful but also saves about $1000+. Gear it down and it matches the 701 Supermoto’s acceleration.

Ducati Hypermotard 950

Heavier but more powerful 937cc motor. Premium components but at a premium price. Different power characteristics than the thumper but still good for hooligan fun.

Final Thoughts

While competitors with more power and taller gearing may show higher peak speedometer readings, the Husqvarna 701 Supermoto impresses when it comes to real world rideability. With traction control, ABS brakes, sticky Maxxis rubber, and fully adjustable WP suspension rounding out the package, this bike delivers intense backroad performance. Hitting an indicated 120+ mph means there’s muscle aplenty for legal road riding exploits too.

Husqvarna clearly optimized the 701 platform to deliver maximum acceleration and smiles per mile rather than chasing every last mph. Is it the fastest off the line or past 120 mph? Perhaps not. But with an intoxicating mix of usable power, agile handling, and refined electronics, it surely ranks among the most grin-inducing packages in the class.

So for riders focused on carving up twisting canyon routes and assaulting urbanscapes over setting top speed records, the Husqvarna 701 Supermoto warrants a salute. This thrilling machine successfully translates the company’s serious off-road competition heritage into pavement-ripping performance. It represents a uniquely visceral, large-displacement single-cylinder experience ready to attack curves and leave you smiling at every apex!

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