Honda Accord Top Speed: An In-Depth Look

Honda Accord Top Speed

Are you curious about just how fast the latest Honda Accord can go? This quintessential midsize sedan is renowned for its blend of efficiency, practicality, and surprising performance capabilities. Today in this guide, we’ll uncover the honda accord top speed numbers and what factors allow this family car to reach exhilarating velocities.

Highlights of the 2024 Honda Accord

Before we get to the straight-line performance specs, let’s quickly go over some of the highlights that make the 2024 Accord such an appealing package:

Bold New Styling: The Accord receives a fresh exterior design for 2024 with a wider stance, sleeker profile, and more aggressive front and rear fascias. This gives Honda’s iconic sedan a sportier, almost coupe-like presence.

Hybrid Power: While the base 1.5L turbocharged engine carries over, upper Accord trims now come standard with a revised hybrid system making a stout 204 horsepower and 247 lb-ft of torque.

Premium Interior: The interior has gone more upscale, with high-end material options like leather upholstery and open-pore wood trim. A slick 12.3″ digital instrument cluster and infotainment system are also available.

Advanced Safety Suite: The latest Honda Sensing safety tech is standard, including adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assist, automatic emergency braking, and more.

With this quick primer out of the way, let’s explore what really matters to performance fans – the Accord’s capability when it comes to top speed.

2024 Honda Accord Top Speed: The Numbers

According to Honda, the top speed for the base 2024 Accord LX and EX trims with the 1.5L turbo engine is 118 mph. That’s an impressive number for a humble midsize family hauler with “just” 192 hp and 192 lb-ft of torque.

The hybrid models see a bump in maximum velocity thanks to their higher power outputs. Honda lists the top speed for the Accord Sport, EX-L, Sport-L and Touring hybrids at 125 mph.

While just a hair under most modern cars’ governed top speed limits of around 130 mph, both of these honda accord top speed figures represent a noticeable improvement over previous generations of the sedan, particularly the hybrid models.

Acceleration Performance

Of course, outright top speed is only one part of the performance equation. Most drivers are arguably more concerned about real-world acceleration for daily merging and passing maneuvers.

Here’s how the 2024 Honda Accord stacks up in this critical area:

0-60 MPH Times

  • Accord 1.5L Turbo: 7.3 seconds
  • Accord Hybrid: 6.5 seconds

Quarter Mile Times

  • Accord 1.5L Turbo: Around 15.6 seconds
  • Accord Hybrid: As low as 14.8 seconds

The Accord Hybrid’s extra power and torque give it a decisive advantage over the base turbo engine from a stoplight. However, these acceleration stats are still merely average for the midsize sedan class.

A major factor impacting the Accord’s straight-line performance? Its curb weight, which ranges from a portly 3,239 lbs for the base model all the way up to 3,525 lbs for the hybrid trims.

Specifications Rundown

To better understand the performance potential of each 2024 Honda Accord variant, let’s take a look at some key specifications in table format:

TrimEngineHPTorqueCurb Weight0-60 MPH
Accord LX/EX1.5L Turbo192192 lb-ft3,239 lbs7.3 sec
Accord Sport/EX-L/Sport-L/Touring2.0L Hybrid204247 lb-ft3,525 lbs6.5 sec

You’ll notice the Accord’s maximum 204 horsepower rating with the hybrid powertrain leaves it well behind many rivals’ upgraded engine options that crest 300 hp. The midsize sedan segment has become quite potent in recent years.

However, the Accord counters with superb fuel economy ratings of up to 51 mpg combined for the hybrid models – an area where most competitors can’t quite match Honda’s efficiency mastery.

Factors That Determine Top Speed

Now that we’ve covered the Honda Accord’s actual performance data, it’s worth exploring what determines a vehicle’s top speed capabilities in the first place.

Aerodynamics – One key contributor is aerodynamic drag created by the car’s shape pushing through the air. More slippery designs with lower drag coefficients can achieve higher top speeds.

Power-to-Weight – A higher ratio of horsepower and torque to overall weight allows a car to more easily build speed and maintain velocity despite air resistance. The Accord’s portly curb weights limit its power-to-weight advantages.

Gearing/Drivetrain – Taller rear gear ratios and transmission aspects like a high stall converter can enable a higher maximum speed. The Accord’s CVT gearbox may be a limiting factor.

Electronic Limiters – Most manufacturers govern or limit a car’s top speed below its true mechanical potential for safety reasons.

So while the Accord boasts a relatively sleek shape, its performance is held back by a modest power output weighed against higher curb weights and driveline constraints.

Owner Reviews and Real-World Top Speeds

Of course, on-paper specs only tell part of the story. Real-world owner reviews and testing by amateur enthusiasts can provide extra insight into how the 2024 Honda Accord actually performs at or near its top speed limits.

On the plus side, positive owners praise the Accord as being “deceptively quick” for a midsize sedan and stable even at elevated velocities over 100 mph:

“I drove my Accord Touring on a closed track and was shocked how composed and planted it felt over 115 mph. The hybrid has plenty of power to get you up to speed rapidly.”

However, there are also those underwhelmed by the Accord’s straight-line performance ceiling compared to expectation:

“For a car marketed as having some sporting pretensions, I expected the Accord to be faster at the top end. It felt strained trying to go past 110 mph.”

Independent testing confirms the Accord’s governed top speed around 118-125 mph depending on the model. But some tuners have had success increasing this slightly by adjusting electronic limiters, maxing out closer to 130-135 mph.

How the Accord’s Top Speed Stacks Up

To fully evaluate whether the Accord’s top speed capabilities are class-competitive, we need to line Honda’s midsize sedan up against some key rivals from Toyota, Hyundai, Nissan, and others in this heated segment:

  • 2024 Toyota Camry: Maxes out around 130 mph regardless of powertrain option
  • 2024 Hyundai Sonata: Top speed of around 130-135 mph for N-Line trims
  • 2024 Nissan Altima: Electronically limited to a 124 mph top speed
  • 2024 Subaru Legacy: Limited to a governed 130 mph max speed
  • 2024 Kia K5: Mid-130s mph top speed for sporty GT models

As you can see, the Accord slots right about in the middle of the pack – outgunning the more sedate Altima while falling behind the truly sporting offerings like the Sonata N-Line and Kia K5 GT when it comes to flat-out velocity potential.

For a well-rounded mainstream midsize sedan, the Honda makes a reasonable compromise between straight-line performance and everyday livability. But those prioritizing maximum thrills will likely want to explore other options.

Modifications to Increase Top Speed

If you find yourself wanting to extract a bit more straight-line performance from your Honda Accord, there are some popular aftermarket modifications that can help elevate its peak top speed capabilities:

Engine Tuning – An ECU reflash can help squeeze a bit more power out of the 1.5T or hybrid system. Intake and exhaust upgrades can further boost output.

Drivetrain Components – Lighter wheels and stickier high-performance tires can improve acceleration and top speed potential by reducing rotating mass and increasing traction.

Aerodynamic Enhancements – Adding a subtle trunk lid spoiler or other aero aids can help reduce drag and lift at higher speeds, allowing the Accord to achieve a higher terminal velocity.

Removing Speed Limiters – For the truly brave (or reckless), it’s possible to bypass or adjust the Accord’s factory speed governors to uncork a few extra mph at the top end, though this does carry safety risks.

While these modifications can certainly help the Accord reach loftier top speed heights, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons carefully. On the plus side, you’ll unlock a bit more performance thrills from your Honda. However, negatives include potentially voiding warranties, added costs, and the inherent risks of pushing a non-performance-oriented car like this to its limits.

Pros and Cons of the 2024 Honda Accord

To summarize the Honda Accord’s strengths and shortcomings from a performance standpoint:


  • Class-competitive top speed for a midsize sedan
  • Hybrid models offer a nice blend of power and efficiency
  • Stable, composed handling even when approaching the top speed limiter
  • Sleek new styling with an upscale, modern interior


  • No option for AWD, limiting traction for acceleration runs
  • Modest power output compared to some sportier competition
  • Relatively hefty curb weights limit power-to-weight ratios
  • No true performance-oriented trim level offered

So while the 2024 Honda Accord posts respectable top speed figures for its segment, it lacks the kind of outright thrills and driver engagement of more performance-focused four-door rivals.

Top Alternatives to the Honda Accord

If the Accord’s performance shortcomings are making you second-guess this Honda, there are several solid alternatives worth considering:

Toyota Camry – The latest Camry matches the Accord’s quality while offering similar top speed capabilities and the option of AWD or a potent V6.

Hyundai Sonata – The Sonata N-Line delivers sharper performance along with a higher top speed potential in the mid-130s mph range.

Nissan Altima – Not quite as quick as the Accord, but the Altima offers great value and bold styling for a midsize sedan.

Subaru Legacy – Standard AWD makes the Legacy a great all-weather option, though top speed performance is mid-pack at best.

Each of these models offers a slightly different take compared to the well-rounded but modestly powered Accord when it comes to prioritizing straight-line thrills.

Pricing, Trims and Availability

If the Honda Accord’s performance has piqued your interest, let’s quickly go over pricing and trim levels:

  • Accord LX: $27,895
  • Accord EX: $29,910
  • Accord Sport Hybrid: $32,545
  • Accord EX-L Hybrid: $34,190
  • Accord Sport-L Hybrid: $34,525
  • Accord Touring Hybrid: $38,540

The Accord Hybrid’s premium pricing does make it a pricier proposition than non-electrified competitors, though its excellent fuel economy helps offset that somewhat.

In terms of availability, the 2024 Honda Accord will be sold across the United States through Honda’s nationwide dealer network when it launches in late 2023.

Given its longstanding history as a top seller in the midsize sedan segment, those interested in the Accord’s balance of performance, spaciousness, and efficiency should act quickly to secure one before inventory shortages arise on popular trims.

Common Problems and Reliability Concerns

While we’ve primarily focused on the Honda Accord’s performance credentials so far, it’s also worth mentioning common issues and reliability ratings so buyers know what they might be in for down the road.

Some of the more frequent complaints lodged against recent Accord models on the NHTSA database include:

  • Infotainment system glitches and connectivity issues
  • Instances of excessive brake noise like squeaking or grinding
  • Problems with driver assistance safety tech like false obstacle warnings

However, keep in mind these represent a relatively small percentage of total Accord units on the road. Overall, the Honda Accord enjoys strong ratings for predicted reliability and dependability based on data from J.D. Power, Consumer Reports, and other third-party experts.

To avoid running into problems like the ones above, be sure to follow the recommended maintenance schedules closely and have any recurring issues diagnosed promptly by an authorized Honda service center.

FAQs About the Honda Accord’s Top Speed

Before we wrap up, let’s quickly address some frequently asked questions about the Honda Accord and its straight-line performance:

What’s the difference between top speed and acceleration?

Top speed refers to the absolute maximum velocity a vehicle can achieve under ideal conditions. Acceleration, meanwhile, measures how quickly a car can increase its speed from a stop or rolling start.

Is the hybrid or gas engine faster?

The hybrid Accord models post quicker acceleration times thanks to their higher torque outputs. However, the gas 1.5L turbo has a slightly higher electronically limited top speed.

Do weather and driving conditions impact top speed?

Yes, factors like high winds, steep grades, slippery road surfaces, and even higher elevations can negatively impact the maximum speed a vehicle is able to safely maintain. Official top speeds are calculated under controlled testing scenarios.

Will modifications for increased top speed affect my warranty coverage?

In most cases, powertrain modifications like ECU tuning that allow higher top speeds will likely void at least part of your Accord’s factory warranty coverage from Honda. It’s wise to check specifics before altering a new car.

With these commonly asked top speed questions addressed, you should now have the full picture on what the Accord is capable of in terms of flat-out straight-line performance.

Final Thoughts on the Honda Accord Top Speed

The Honda Accord has long been an appealing all-arounder in the midsize sedan space, balancing performance, efficiency, practicality, and overall value better than most rivals. And in terms of top speed potential, the latest 2024 model holds its own rather admirably.

The 1.5L turbo’s electronically governed 118 mph maximum and the hybrid’s 125 mph peak are fully competitive for a car focused more on daily drivability than outright thrills. While not even close to the higher limits of exotic supercars, it still leaves plenty of headroom on public roads while providing a sensation of performance not normally expected of this class.

Will the Accord ever be a true rival to legitimate sport sedans that demolish speed limits with ease? Probably not – though there are plenty of aftermarket tweaks available for those prioritizing max velocity above all else. But for overwhelming majority of buyers, the 2024 Honda Accord and its alegant yet potent package more than satisfies.

If you value a well-rounded driving experience with a dash of straight-line muscle when needed, the Accord should absolutely be on your shortlist. Just don’t expect blistering acceleration past sane, legal speeds. This Honda stays true to its roots as a sensible daily driver first – with the added ability to have a little fun when the roads open up.

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