The Top Speed of Honda Grom 2023? Can it Go Over 70 MPH?

Top Speed of Honda Grom

The Honda Grom is one of the most popular small motorcycles, prized for its sporty styling, ease of riding, and extremely affordable price. But with a 124cc engine putting out only 9.7 horsepower, most riders wonder – just how fast can the little Grom really go?

The short answer is the 2023 Honda Grom has a top speed of around 59-60 mph in stock form. While no speed demon, this mini-bike can comfortably cruise short distances on 40-45 mph roads. And with some simple mods, hitting freeway speeds of 60+ mph is possible!

Below we’ll explore the Grom’s acceleration, speed capabilities, factory limits, best mods for more top speed, and how it compares to rival mini-motors like the Kawasaki Z125. Read on to learn if this mighty mini motorcycle can be pushed to its two-wheeled limits!

Overview of the 2023 Honda Grom

overview of the 2023 honda grom

Before getting to performance numbers, let’s quickly review what makes the iconic Grom tick. This pocket rocket is made by Honda and known as the MSX125 overseas. Key stats on the latest 2023 model include:

So while the liquid-cooled 125cc engine isn’t going to scare any superbikes, it offers ample hustle for around-town duties. A friendly seat height, light weight, and nimble handling also make the Grom a star starter bike. Plus an MSRP of $3,499 keeps this mini-motor very affordable.

Honda Grom Specifications

The Honda Grom isn’t packed with blinding speed but it delivers smiles thanks to its light, flickable design. Key technical specifications include:

Wheelbase47.2 inches
Seat Height30 inches
Fuel Capacity1.6 gallons
TopSpeed60 mph
Curb Weight223 lbs
Engine124 cc single-cylinder
Power Output9.7 HP
Torque7.7 LB-FT
Transmission5-Speed Manual
Front Suspension/ Travel31 mm telescopic inverted fork/ 3.9 inches
Rear Suspension/ TravelSingle shock with steel box-section swingarm/ 4.1 inches
Trail3.3 inches
Front Tire120/70-12
Rear Tire130/70-12
Front Brake220 mm disc with hydraulic dual-piston caliper
Rear Brake190 mm disc with hydraulic single-piston caliper

Key Features

  • 124cc single-cylinder engine delivers smooth power
  • 30 inch seat height suits wide range of riders
  • Nimble handling with 223 lb curb weight
  • Upright riding position for comfort
  • 12 inch cast alloy wheels
  • Analog instrument panel
  • Available ABS braking option
  • Wide range of OEM/aftermarket accessories

How Fast is the Honda Grom? Overview of Top Speed & Acceleration

how fast is the honda grom

The little single-cylinder thumper provides enough pep for the Grom to hit an advertised top speed of 60 mph. Real-world tests often see stock models reaching closer to 59-60 mph before running out of steam. Still reasonably quick for short urban/suburban rides.

Acceleration is best described as…adequate. You’ll be able to reach 40 mph fast enough to keep up with traffic. But the factory gearing definitely prioritizes low-end punch for around-town usability over quick acceleration. Most riders report reaching the bike’s top speed in 5th gear, with 5th gear simply allowing lower RPM cruising.

While hardly considered fast by sportbike standards, the Grom keeps up well enough for zipping through city streets, hitting some canyon curves for fun, and even limited highway use. Just don’t expect neck-snapping acceleration or triple digit speeds though!

All Generations of Honda Grom Top Speed

The Honda Grom mini-motorcycle first released in overseas markets in 2012 before coming to America and Canada for the 2014 model year. Top speed has remained largely consistent in the 50-60 mph range across all generations:

GenerationModel YearsTop Speed (mph)
Gen 12014-201755 mph
Gen 22018-202258 mph
Gen 32023+60 mph

As we can see newer generation updates help the Grom inch closer to the 60 mph mark thanks to engine refinements providing a smidge more usable power. But the tiny 125cc thumper hits practical limits right around there.

What Factors Limit the Grom’s Top Speed?

what factors limit the grom’s top speed

Behind the cute looks lies some clever engineering that strikes an impressive balance – allowing usable highway speeds despite the diminutive stature. But physics can only be bent so far before reaching practical limits.

Several key factors contribute to limiting how fast the featherweight Grom can really go:

Engine Size – The heart of any vehicle directly impacts top speed potential. At just 124cc, the Grom’s tiny single-cylinder, air-cooled, SOHC engine has a ceiling for producing usable horsepower and torque given its displacement.

Gearing – While the 5-speed transmission itself is robust, the Grom’s gear ratios cap speed by limiting RPMs available in the higher cogs before redline is reached. This becomes the main restriction around 60 mph.

Weight – Weighing under 223 pounds is great for flickability, though the law of inertia means less mass also equals less momentum carrying it forward. Hitting 70+ mph simply overwhelms the tiny machine.

Aerodynamics – The Grom shapes up nicely at lower speeds. But push into highway speeds and wind resistance rapidly goes from negligible to significant. The diminutive bike gets blown around without fairings directing air flow.

Suspension/Brakes – Simply put, the budget suspension and brakes work remarkably well up to 60 mph but just weren’t designed for high-speed stability and rapid deceleration from 70+ mph.

Tires – Another balancing act to provide adequate grip for intended use without raising costs. The 12-inch wheels and 130-series tires work fine closer to 60 mph but aren’t intended for higher.

How Does Grom Top Speed Compare to Other 125cc Motorcycles?

The Honda Grom largely benchmarks the category of small entry-level motorcycles with its top speed capabilities right around 60 mph:

ModelTop Speed (Stock)EnginePrice USD
Honda Grom58-60 mph125cc$3,499
Kawasaki Z12557-60 mph124cc$3,299
KTM Duke 12568 mph124cc$5,699
Yamaha MT-12571 mph122cc$4,599

As we can see, the 125cc class as a whole provides usable power for side streets through highways in the 55-60+ mph range. The Grom matches its closest rival (Kawasaki Z125) and outperforms the older Honda Grom models.

However, the KTM Duke 125 and Yamaha MT-125 demonstrate more performance can be extracted from these miniature engines, with higher horsepower and gearing tweaks providing top speeds closer to 70 mph.

What is the Best Way to Increase Honda Grom Top Speed? High Performance Mods

what is the best way to increase honda grom top speed

While the Honda Grom reaches about 60 mph bone stock, riders looking for more top-end speed have plenty of options to unlock performance. Here are the most popular methods for modifying your Grom for 70+ mph capability:

Gearing Changes – Swapping the factory front sprocket for a larger 16-18 tooth sprocket gives higher speeds in 5th gear while sacrificing some low-end response. Relatively low cost ($100-200) and easy DIY upgrade. Targets 65-70 mph speed.

Exhaust UpgradesAftermarket slip-ons and full exhaust system increases displace restriction to net 3-4 extra hp for 67+ mph. Great combo with gearing mods. ($300-600)

Cylinder KitsBig Bore Kits take the Grom engine up to 150cc or 190cc for major gains in horsepower/acceleration reaching over 70+ mph quite easily. More advanced mod costing $800-1200.

ECU FlashingReprogram fuel maps and ignition timing to optimize performance gains from the above supporting mods. Allows 75+ mph for many Groms.

Pros of the 2023 Honda Grom Speed & Acceleration

  • Capable 60 mph top speed reasonably keeps up with traffic
  • Gentle power delivery remains friendly for new riders
  • Excellent gas mileage (100+ mpg) despite peppy acceleration
  • Responsive handling bolsters confidence pushing the pace
  • Surprising stability at higher speeds all things considered
  • Strong aftermarket for multiple performance modifications

Cons of the 2023 Honda Grom Speed & Acceleration

  • Engine limits mean topping out around 60 mph stock
  • Modest acceleration by motorcycle standards
  • Can feel strained and unstable nearing 70 mph+ highway speeds
  • Intimidating headwinds when nearing top speed
  • Braking distances lengthen pushing momentum limits
  • Aggressive performance mods raise costs significantly

Owner Impressions on Grom Speed

Many Honda Grom riders acknowledge the speed limitations but still rave about striking a perfect balance for real world use. Here’s what owners have to say:

“My Grom easily does 60 mph to cruise backroads or even hop on the highway for a short stint. It feels fast enough with a huge smile on my face! 70 mph was a terrifying wind storm though.”

“I upgraded to a Yoshimura exhaust, changed the sprocket, and added a fuel controller to hit 73 mph indicated. That’s plenty for me to get around locally with some extra punch.”

“Bone stock I saw 59 mph max speed which feels about right for my beginner skills. But it’s cool knowing I have options later to uncork more power if I want to.”

Of course not all are happy pushing the limits:

“Yeah the Grom struggled to maintain 65 mph with some basic mods I added. Felt like the bike was screaming at redline constantly. I wouldn’t recommend it as a highway commuter.”

”It’s scary seeing only 60 mph top speed while everyone passes doing 70+! Makes me nervous taking short trips on faster roads even around town.”

So while it’s possible to hit freeway speeds, most riders are wise to play to the Grom’s strengths as a nimble city machine. Leaving the straight line speed for other machines!

Frequently Asked Questions on Honda Grom Top Speed

What is the top speed of the 2023 Honda Grom?

The 2023 Grom has an advertised top speed of 60 mph but most owners report seeing 59-60 mph on the speedometer in stock form.

Is the Grom fast enough for highways and freeway use?

It can manage short highway stints and reach 65 mph with basic mods. But stability declines above 60 mph so extended use at extreme speeds isn’t recommended.

What is the fastest a Grom has ever gone?

The top speed for a stock Honda Grom is 59.5 mph as advertised by Honda. With modifications, some owners have reported reaching speeds up to 73 mph. However, modifying the Grom can affect the warranty and safety, so changes should be done cautiously.

What is faster – Honda Grom or Kawasaki Z125?

The two tiny 125cc rivals have extremely similar top speed capabilities around 60 mph stock. The Kawasaki may reach this top end speed slightly quicker. But performance differences are minimal in real world conditions.

How long will a Honda Grom engine last at top speed?

The 124cc single cylinder engine is designed for longevity and can lasts for thousands of miles at full throttle thanks to quality components and lubrication. Most owners get years of regular use without issues.

Conclusion on Honda Grom Top Speed

The 2023 Honda Grom can reach approximately 60 mph in stock form – not blazing fast but capable enough for most urban duties or short highway stints. Performance minded riders can unlock an extra 10-15 mph through gearing, exhaust, and engine mods to see 70+ mph. But stability, braking, and rider comfort may become compromised at those extremes for the tiny machine.

Ultimately for nearly any thrill seeker on a budget, the smile inducing Grom strikes a winning balance of nimbleness, ease of riding, affordability, and usable power. Making this mighty mini Honda a top seller in the entry level market!

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  1. I’ve been considering getting a Grom as my first bike. This article really helps put the top speed into perspective. I’m glad to hear it can handle short highway stints even if not built for sustained high speeds.

    1. Absolutely, the Grom makes for an excellent beginner bike. Its manageable power delivery and nimble handling will help build confidence, while still allowing you to experience the thrill of two wheels. The top speed is more than enough for city riding and occasional highway use.

  2. Pushed my Grom up to 75 mph on a long downhill stretch once. Never again! The thing was shaking like a lawn mower and terrifying to control. Definitely not meant for those speeds.

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